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Earthquake hit Mexico likely to be struck by Hurricane

One day after suffering from a massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake, Mexico will have to brace for another natural disaster as Hurricane Katia comes barreling towar... read more

Designers, fitness stars reveal spring activewear trends

As the last dregs of winter disappear with the chill and the wind, everyone is no doubt excited about trading their cardigans and coats for swimsuits and shorts... read more

James Packer having quiet 50th birthday after real regrets

James Packer is celebrating his 50th birthday in Argentina, with ‘a few friends’ and ‘some real regrets.’ After an up-and-down year, the... read more

Defiant Miami residents who refuse to leave despite Irma

It’s supposed to be a ghost town – but there are plenty of mortals to be found in Miami Beach if you look. And those who have chosen to remain as Ca... read more

Former pro-boxer and Golden Gloves winner given 25 years

Trevis Hall, 31, was convicted of stabbing and bludgeoning to death ex-girlfriend Hall was a featherweight professional boxer and Golden Gloves champion The 31... read more

Academic says banning burqa allows men to control women

Australian National University Arab and Islamic studies lecturer Dr Raihan Ismail  (pictured) believes banning the burqa could create more isolation for women ... read more

Australia’s underbelly world facing unrest after arrests

The recent arrests of some of Australia’s top crime figures has left a potential power struggle at the top of the food chain that threatens to boil over i... read more

Where YOU should live if you want to find a date

If you’re struggling to find a date this weekend, it might have more to do with where you live than your personality. Results from the 2016 census show th... read more

Camilla smashes bottle of malt whisky over Charles’s head

The Duchess of Cornwall smashed a bottle of malt whisky over the Prince of Wales yesterday and several thousand people burst into applause – led by the prince... read more

Plastic debris is now discovered in SEA SALT

Sea salt harvested from oceans around the world and a favourite of discerning cooks is contaminated with plastic, scientists have found. Tiny pieces of the mate... read more

Cliff Richard back to his vest aged 76 in 2018 calendar

He has been through the worst of times…but Cliff Richard wants his fans to know the best of times are back. And if the smiling portraits in his 2018 calen... read more

Nato chief: World is more dangerous than for a generation

Jens Stoltenberg (pictured) has warned the world is more dangerous now than it has been for a generation The world is more dangerous now than it has been for a ... read more

Just one in five of us cooks food from scratch in a week

Younger generation are less likely to whip up a meal themselves, survey shows Those in Scotland and Wales are more inclined to have a takeaway or ready meal  M... read more

Fears of increasing dependency on medicine

One in 20 people were prescribed opioid painkillers, such as codeine in 2015  This is twice the amount handed out by doctors back in 2000  Research by the Pub... read more

Patients now being assessed over the phone

Patients are being assessed over the phone by hospital consultants rather than having a face-to-face appointment. The cost-saving initiative is being quietly ro... read more

Man stabbed to death at Caroline Springs cafe in Melbourne

Man dies from stab wound following a huge brawl that broke out at a restaurant The brawl broke out at a Macedonia restaurant in Melbourne’s west at 2.15am... read more

Theresa May ‘won’t last as PM until Christmas’ – Farage

Theresa May risks being toppled by Christmas unless she takes charge of Brexit negotiations, according to Nigel Farage. Speaking alongside the granddaughter of ... read more

Brace yourself for a weekend washout

There were prolonged downpours yesterday – with more than an inch of rain  Forecasters warned of a weekend washout, caused by a storm system heading in Forec... read more

Customers kept in the dark about filth and rats in cafes

Customers are being kept in the dark about the filth, rats and cockroaches plaguing restaurants, councils say. Dirty cafes, pubs, fast food outlets, bakeries an... read more

Police chief says force is at breaking point after cuts

Northumbria Police force has had its budget cut by 23 per cent since 2010  But the Home Office said the force still has a budget of more than £260million  Fo... read more

Desmond Tutu urges Aung San Suu Kyi to speak out

Anti-Apartheid campaigner Desmond Tutu has condemned Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi for her silence on the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in her country. Critics have... read more

The Nazi monster who was allowed to get away

With the road from Brazil’s Sao Paulo to the southern city of Curitiba running for some 250 miles, the Israeli secret service Mossad agent prepared himself fo... read more

DOMINIC SANDBROOK on the cult of Corbyn

You may not have noticed, but Tuesday will mark the second anniversary of a truly extraordinary moment in our political history. On September 12, 2015, to the h... read more

Boris fires back his own salvo as EU war of words grows

The war of words between Brussels and the British Government intensified last night as Boris Johnson hit back at criticism of Brexit Secretary David Davis. EU o... read more