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Kate Middleton announces baby months after making joke

The Duchess of Cambridge today announced she is expecting her third child – two months after joking with Prince William that they will ‘have to have... read more

Pooch calms baby’s tantrum by bringing toy in Melbourne

A smart dog has been filmed calming a fussy baby by miraculously delivering an old teething toy. At home in Melbourne, Australia, baby Lottie was throwing a tem... read more

Dorset police find parts of gun in death of man

Investigators looking for the gun used in the alleged murder of a businessman have found parts of a sawn-off shotgun in a nearby river. Guy Hedger, 61, died fro... read more

Man, 51, admits murdering A-level pupil Ellen Higginbotham

A man has admitted murdering an A-level student whose body was found a local beauty spot.  Mark Buckley, 51, pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to the mu... read more

Soccer player banned for punching referee in face

A soccer player who punched a referee in the face was fined $2,500 and banned from the sport for life, but won’t be jailed. Declan James Evans launched th... read more

Glass contamination sparks nationwide Happy Tummies recall

An urgent nationwide recall of baby food pouches has been issued following fears that a batch has been contaminated with smashed up glass.  The alert affects t... read more

Man thrown as he tries to break up bull fight in Asia

Two bulls were filmed fighting in the middle of a busy street in Asia A heroic man tries to break up the battle by standing between the animals But one of the b... read more

Baby elephants knock each other over in Botswana

This is the adorable moment a pair of baby elephants squared up to each other in a cute play-fight – then struggled to find their feet. Danny Sullivan too... read more

Saudi Arabia gifted Trump with artwork of himself

Saudi Arabia gifted Donald Trump with 83 gifts during his first foreign trip  This included a painting of himself as well as tiger and cheetah fur robes Durin... read more

Castle where Tennyson, Dickens and Andersen met for sale

A 16th century castle where literary greats such as Alfred Lord Tennyson, Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Andersen convened to discuss stories is on the mark... read more

How insects have twice the amount of protein

Fitness bloggers and personal trainers have for years now been touting the benefits of a protein-rich diet, supplemented by shakes and powders.  They whip up p... read more

Concreter accused of child pornography granted bail

A man has been granted bail after being charged with having child pornography Christopher Andrew Searle was found with a USB full of disturbing images He was ch... read more

Kate Middleton’s new baby pushes Prince Harry to sixth

The birth of Duchess of Cambridge’s third baby will mean that Prince Harry will become sixth in line to the throne, while Princess Charlotte will remain f... read more

Kate Middleton is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum

The rare pregnancy condition which the Duchess of Cambridge suffers from can be deadly, medical literature shows. Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), which strikes jus... read more

US top secret files leaked from unsecured Amazon server

Thousands of files containing details of US intelligence operatives with Top Secret clearance have been leaked.    The 9,402 documents were found on an unsecu... read more

Britain’s smallest baby thriving as teenager in Birmingham

A girl who was Britain’s smallest baby and was given just a one per cent chance of survival is now living life to the full as a teenager.  Aaliyah Hart, ... read more

What will the new royal baby be called?

ALEXANDRA One of the most popular choices so far, Alexandra is one of the Queen’s middle names and has a serious royal pedigree. Her Majesty’s cousi... read more

Edinburgh scientists develop camera to see through body  

Allows doctors to track internal examinations without any expensive X-rays Camera detects light sources in the body, such as that of an endoscope Such light can... read more

Nottinghamshire mother warns parents to never kiss baby

A mother is warning parents never kiss their babies after her newborn contracted deadly meningitis from an innocent peck. Krystal Hayes’, 26, and her part... read more

Man caught carrying seven gas tanks on motorbike in China

The footage was recorded in Nanjing, eastern China on September 3 The man can be seen carrying seven gas tanks while playing on his phone Passersby tried to war... read more

Iran warned off US spy plane and reconnaissance drone

Iranian air defenses were called into action to divert a U.S. ‘spy plane’ and reconnaissance drone near its air space in the last six months,  mili... read more

Photographer captures unique beauty of furless Sphynx cats

To some, they are the most beautiful and majestic creatures, to others, they look like the kittens that survived a nuclear apocalypse.  These photographs show ... read more

Sunshine Coast ‘No Sharia Here’ billboard vandalised

A controversial billboard condemning Islamic Sharia Law has been vandalised. The ‘No Sharia Here’ sign on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was spra... read more

Lorry overturns as it takes bend too fast in Brazil

The footage was captured on a highway between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro The HGV was overtaking another lorry as the vehicles approached a bend As the lorry v... read more