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NZ tourist faces jail after carrying $2.3m in meth

A first time visitor to New Zealand has been found with 2.3 kilograms of meth  The 44-year-old foreigner appeared in Manukau District Court on Saturday He was ... read more

Melbourne mother suffers three strokes caused by tumour

A Melbourne husband and father has pleaded for help after his wife woke from a nightmare, struggling to talk – and was later revealed to have suffered mul... read more

Image of Berwickshire lighthouse wins photo competition

The beauty of British coasts and seas has been captured in a stunning set of photographs submitted to a mariners’ charity competition. Entries were submit... read more

Karen Ristevski’s step son Anthony Rickard writing a book

Author in the making? Karen Ristevski’s step son Anthony Rickard Karen Ristevski’s step-son has almost finished writing a book about the murdered Me... read more

Implant left patient able to hear his granddaughter

Life-changing: Raymond Kelly, 91, underwent the procedure after several hearing aid IF hearing aids don’t work, then another potential option is a cochlear im... read more

Daredevils dice with death in a stadium

A group of daredevils in a stadium form human chains to sneak past a bull They form two teams as they repeatedly get up and then lie back down The teams make it... read more

The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne forgoes wearing underwear

She managed to pull off a slew of daring cocktail party frocks on The Bachelor this season. But Laura Byrne, 30, suffered a rather unfortunate wardrobe malfun... read more

Australian couple’s ‘fake’ painting actually worth $1m

An Australian couple may have pulled off the gamble of the century – purchasing a ‘fake’ painting lost for 136 years – and it could make... read more

Mothers-to-be shouldn’t worry about using their mobile

Women should not worry about using their mobile phone during pregnancy as it will not harm the baby’s brain, new research has found. Fears over radio freq... read more

Redfern cafe gives away free smashed avocado on toast

Little Evie in Redfern is giving away free smashed avocado on toast You’ll also receive a free small coffee if you get to the cafe by 7.30am The offer is ... read more

Boy dies hours after being sent home from Sydney hospital

A five-year-old boy has died just hours after being discharged from hospital The Wahroonga boy complained of stomach pains and was taken to hospital The boy was... read more

Woman on when ex-partner shot her in the head in Sydney

Not many people on this earth can say they were shot point-blank in the head and lived to tell the tale.  But for Australian domestic violence survivor Rosanna... read more

Couple refurbish van to go on ultimate Australia road trip

An Adelaide couple packed up their life in a van to go travelling around the country instead of entering the ‘daily nine to five grind’.  Elise Tay... read more

Indigenous Queensland boy found dead in rural town Emerald

A nine-year-old boy has been found dead at his home, sparking widespread calls for an investigation into suicide rates among children in indigenous communities.... read more

NZ man forgets sold car while drunk and reports it stolen

A man has reported his car stolen after forgetting he sold it while intoxicated The New Zealand resident went to Rotorua Police Station thinking it was missing ... read more

Sydney mother charged after police find 165 stolen cards

A mother who allegedly tried to run from police during a traffic stop has been refused bail after police found more than 650 pieces of mail in the back of the c... read more

US warns Kim Jong-un is ‘begging for war’

North Korea has ‘moved an intercontinental ballistic missile to its coast’ amid warnings from the US that Kim Jong-un is ‘begging for war̵... read more

Essex boy finds a 3ft long python hiding inside toilet

Five-year-old boy had shock of his life when he discovered python in his toilet Mother Laura Cowell said he was ‘frantic’ following incident in Sout... read more

Kirstie Allsopp had the same morning sickness as Kate

Who could fail to be cheered by the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third child? But while I am delighted for Kate, I am also overcome by an... read more

Mothers and grandmothers at war over food

They call it the battle of the matriarchs — one that’s been tested to the limit over the summer holidays when working mums have turned to their own mothers ... read more

One beauty blogger fixed her hair loss from a break down

A popular beauty blogger has opened up about her experience with female hair loss and hair thinning. Melbourne-based Kimberly Nissen, 31, editor of The Plastic ... read more

Girl, 14, in hospital after contracting severe case of flu

A 14-year-old netballer is in a coma in a Brisbane hospital fighting for her life Mercedes King went to bed feeling ill on August 30 but took a bad turn that n... read more

Large tree falls on block of units smashing roof Sydney

Emergency services have rushed to an apartment block after a large tree fell  The tree collapsed on the units on Joseph St in Lidcombe on Tuesday afternoon  F... read more

Antiques fan on how to make money from vintage pieces

As antiques buffs go, James Stanton is unusual.  The 22-year-old, from Kangaroo Point in Queensland, is a young antiques afficionado who spends his free time s... read more