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Bull walks into bar and staff jump over counter in Spain

Footage shows the bull chasing people through the streets of Serrania Alta  Staff seemed horrified as the bull enters the shack, set up to sell drinks There we... read more

Airbnbs for under £120 in Paris, Santorini and Bali

To hotel or Airbnb – that is the question. Hotels come with the convenience of room service and clean bed linen every morning and they usually boast a buz... read more

Kabul man’s toe replaces thumb after losing it in bomb

A student who lost his thumb in a terrorist attack is finally able to do simple tasks again after having his toe transplanted onto his hand. Student Irfaan-ul-l... read more

North Korea vows to execute reporters over UK book review

North Korea has vowed to track down Seoul reporters and ‘cut off their dirty windpipes’ for reviewing a ‘vicious and distorted’ British ... read more

Christopher Cantwell hates being known as ‘crying Nazi’

White nationalist Christopher Cantwell, 36 (pictured), who claims he pepper-sprayed a demonstrator in self-defense says he hates being labeled ‘the crying... read more

NHS no longer uses post-it notes for heart transplants

The NHS no longer uses post-it notes and whiteboards to arrange life-saving heart transplants for patients, it has emerged. Instead of relying on the tradition... read more

Wife of jailed saudi blogger speaks of fear of punishment

The wife of a Saudi Arabian blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes for ‘insulting Islam’ has said crowds were ‘cheering like they were at a beach p... read more

Wheeny Creek only Sydney suburb with no foreigners

Census data reveal there is only one place in Sydney where there are no foreign-born residents. Wheeny Creek, a tiny hamlet of just 327 people 86 kilometres no... read more

Nitrous oxide reappears in US ambulances as pain killer

Normally used in dentist’s offices and hospitals, nitrous oxide – yes, laughing gas – is starting to turn up again in ambulances in some rural... read more

Drunk lorry driver who pulled M6 U-turn spared jail

Martin Vincent Kelly, 32, attempted a bizarre three-point turn on the M6 in Cumbria A drunk lorry driver who could have caused a ‘catastrophic’ disa... read more

Story of Britain’s first football deadline day scandal

Fred Laycock played for 12 teams in the 1920s Fascinating letters which unearth one of the first ever football transfer scandals where a striker switched teams ... read more

Half a million pacemaker patients are at risk of hack

More than 465,000 patients with St Jude pacemakers are at risk of potentially fatal hacks – and need to undergo an incredibly risky ‘software update... read more

Children of insomniacs fall asleep later researchers say

Children of mothers with insomnia fall asleep later, get less shut eye and spend less time in deep sleep, new research reveals. This is not true for fathers who... read more

Case against Nazi who helped kill 3,700 to be thrown out

Hubert Zafke had faced 3,681 counts of being an accessory to murder German prosecutors have called for the case of a 96-year-old Nazi medic who helped kill thou... read more

Immigration is a ‘serious problem’ but DACA OK says poll

More than two-thirds of Americans, 68 percent, view illegal immigrants as a ‘serious problem,’ a new poll found, though almost the same percentage w... read more

Mueller and New York AG cooperating on Manafort probe

Special counsel Robert Mueller´s team is working with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on its investigation into President Donald Trump’s form... read more

Main US fuel pipeline shuts down amid Hurricane Harvey

The biggest fuel system in the United States is temporarily shutting down its main line because of outages at its supply points from Tropical Storm Harvey and a... read more

NY woman stole 36,000 amusement park tickets worth $1m

Rosemarie Bader, 51, allegedly used her corporate credit card from Best Trails and Travel Corporation in Red Hook, New York, to buy the tickets They were meant ... read more

Outrage at tiny Bondi ‘studio apartment’ for rent for $600

A landlord is charging prospective tenants $200 a week to sleep on one of three single mattresses crammed into a tiny studio apartment. Photos posted on a Bondi... read more

Shop FEMAIL’s guide to fall 2017’s biggest handbag trends

Lily and Chrissty, both 31, and Kendall, 21, are already toting fall’s hottest handbags, as are Adriana Lima, 36, and Emily Ratajkowski, 26 The five bigge... read more

How Neanderthals created ‘glue’ to build stone tools

Neanderthals have become a byword for a lack of sophistication but new research has revealed their surprisingly refined understanding of tool construction. The ... read more

Houston man electrocuted on way to feed his sister’s cat 

A Houston man is one of the latest casualties of Tropical Storm Harvey after he died while walking in floodwater on Tuesday.  Andrew Pasek, 25, was on his way ... read more

Surfin USA – Texas style!

Footage has emerged of a man wakeboarding on a flooded ditch in Houston The man, who is tied to a truck, follows its path by the side of a road By read more

Last of US tourists to leave North Korea land in China

An American tourist who was among the last to leave North Korea before a US travel ban kicked in said he would happily return to Pyongyang for another holiday. ... read more