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Lanarkshire homeowner wins legal battle over 30ft trees

A homeowner who was plunged into darkness by her neighbour’s 30ft trees has emerged victorious from a four-year legal battle. Oonagh Waugh, 63, was locked... read more

Google critic axed from think tank associated with company

An influential American think tank reportedly fired a top analyst who was critical of Google’s market dominance after allegedly being pressured by the tec... read more

Russia flaunts might as elite marines join missile boats

Russia has been flaunting its military strength with training drills taking place in the Black Sea. Marines have undergone strict training in the cruel terrain ... read more

25 rescuers pull a father back onto a New Jersey beach

This dramatic footage shows the moment rescuers formed a human chain to save a father-of-four from a rip current. Pete Peterson, a vice president at Bellevue Co... read more

Radio host ‘ran Ponzi scheme, tried to cast spell on SEC’

A former radio host and financial adviser from Maryland has been charged with running a $20million Ponzi scheme, while hoping to cast a ‘black-magic’ spell ... read more

online dating is waste of time can’t predict who you fancy

Dating websites claim attraction can be predicted from the right combination of traitsm but a new study suggests singletons have little hope of finding true lov... read more

Bodies wash up in Bangladesh as Rohingya flee Burma

The bodies of two dozen refugees trying to flee the violence in Burma have washed up on the shores of Bangladesh in the last two days. Tens of thousands of Rohi... read more

Other people’s odours are key to human bonding

Just one whiff of another person’s body odour could be enough to fall in love, according to new research. It could also be key to the way humans bond and ... read more

Zara founder briefly replaces Bill Gates as richest man

The Spanish founder of the Zara fashion chain briefly overtook Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man – only to drop to third hours later when... read more

Don’t bother trying to stifle that yawn!

Yawning is so contagious that one sleepy person in a room can easily set off the rest. But anyone trying to stifle their yawns at a particularly dull work meeti... read more

Eighth suspect charged with ‘bodies in the box’ murders

Police have charged an eighth person with the bodies-in-the-box murders of a mother-of-three and her brother-in-law. The 28-year-old man from Auckland was charg... read more

Bride petrified of heights weds her groom 100 FEET in air

All brides have high expectations of their wedding day – but this woman hadn’t banked on exchanging vows 100ft in the air.   Adrenaline junkie Jai... read more

Meghan Markle’s mother spotted at Los Angeles laundromat

As Meghan Markle was rounding off her romantic African getaway with Prince Harry this week, the Suits actress’s mother was spotted far from a fabulous vac... read more

Trinity Catholic College Lismore transgender boys’ uniform

A Catholic college has allowed two male transgender students to wear the boys’ uniform, use unisex toilets, and change their names on the official school ... read more

Solihull teacher sent student a naked picture of himself

Christopher Wood, 33, has been jailed for 15 months after he was found guilty of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, committed when he was a teacher ... read more

Student goes ballistic when professor confiscates fake ID

Syracuse University student had meltdown on first day of a public policy class The video begins with professor William D. Coplin asking: ‘How old are you?... read more

Ibrahim brothers extradited from Dubai after drug charges

Michael and Fadi Ibrahim will be extradited to Australia to face charges related to alleged drug and tobacco importation. Extradition requests from the Australi... read more

We can’t live longer than 115 years old, scientists say

Researchers claim to have discovered the maximum age ‘ceiling’ for human lifespan. Despite growing life expectancy because of better nutrition, livi... read more

Teacher slaps her young pupil for missing registration

The incident occurred in a school in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh The teacher Retica John hit the student as many as 40 times in only two minutes  The sch... read more

Mike Pence heads to rubble-strewn Texas town

Vice President Mike Pence flies to Texas Thursday to meet first-hand with victims of Hurricane Harvey and surveying some of the devastation wreaked on a Texas G... read more

Belly fat releases proteins that fuel the growth of cancer

Stomach fat releases proteins that fuel the growth of cancerous cells, research has found. Scientists knew that obesity is a known risk factor for cancer – bu... read more

Passenger jet pilot forced to fly around three TORNADOES

A passenger jet pilot was forced to fly around three tornadoes in a frightening descent in Russia.  Witnesses on the ground in Sochi filmed as the plane weaved... read more

Stourbridge dad faces man who killed his wife and son

A bereft husband today faced the homeless man accused of murdering his wife and teenage son in a raid on their house that saw him stabbed six times. Aaron Barle... read more

Woman loses 80lbs after switching to all fruit diet

After suffering with acne, obesity and a debilitating disease that left side one side of her body disconnected from the brain, a 33-year-old woman was desperate... read more