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Indian police officer hailed a hero after removing a bomb

A police officer in India has been hailed a hero after he picked up a 22lb bomb found in a school playground and sprinted down the road to protect the 400 child... read more

Police officer creates a home for retired dogs

Bai Yan, a police dog handler has set up a retirement home for his ‘comrades’  He says he wants to thank the canines for their service and dedicati... read more

Final post of teen feared dead in Houston floods

As the devastating Hurricane Harvey inundated parts of Houston with floodwaters on Sunday, a 16-year-old girl posted a desperate message online revealing her fe... read more

Cassini sends back poignant image of Saturn’s north pole

As NASA’s Cassini spacecraft nears its finals days, the space agency has shared a stunning new view of Saturn’s turbulent clouds, captured the day Cassini f... read more

Fake photos emerge after Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc 

There has been an influx of dramatic photos since Hurricane Harvey started wreaking havoc on Houston and other parts of Texas at the weekend.  But as images of... read more

Cat outsmarts man as he tries to rescue it from a hole

Video footage shows the man lowering a wooden ladder into a hole to save a cat  But when he starts climbing down the cat climbs up the hole and escapes Stunned... read more

Brothel madam Shirley Finn killed Arthur Neddy Smith Perth

Notorious hitman Arthur ‘Neddy’ Smith was allegedly paid $5,000 to fly across the country and murder a brothel madam, according to explosive new all... read more

Driver pleads not guilty over human smuggling charges

The driver of a tractor-trailer packed with immigrants illegally entering the United States in an alleged human smuggling operation that resulted in the death o... read more

Queensland school allows Sikh parent to carry kirpan

Queensland school has allowed a father to carry a religious sword on its grounds Man was allowed to wear a kirpan, which must be worn by males of Sikh religion... read more

Baby surrounded by 30 LITRES of breast milk

This adorable picture shows a newborn baby surrounded by nearly 30 litres of frozen breast milk, arranged in a heart shape, pumped by her mother. Nia Malika, be... read more

Manchester man seen polishing pistol days before using it

A gun club member was photographed polishing an air pistol in his garden just days before he fired it at his neighbour in a dispute over her trespassing rabbit.... read more

Russia denies it is planning to invade European nations

Russia has insisted it is not planning a surprise invasion on Poland, Lithuania and the Ukraine after sending thousands of troops to Europe ahead of planned war... read more

Women are being driven to near suicide due to Essure 

Women are being driven to the point of suicide due to the crippling pain caused by the sterilisation device Essure. Manufactured by Bayer, Essure is a coil impl... read more

Moroccan ‘teen’ who admit to killing in Turku attack is 22

The ‘teenage’ Moroccan asylum seeker who has admitted to killing two people and wounding eight in what is believed to be Finland’s first ever ... read more

132 million-year-old sea monster identified as new species

An 132 million-year-old sea beast measuring 8 metres (26 ft) has been identified as a new species by scientists. Researchers made the find while studying a foss... read more

Cowboy travel agent weeps as she is jailed for two years

Sufiya Esa (pictured arriving at court) wept as she was handed a two year sentence A travel agent who used £26,000 that a customer was saving for his daughter&... read more

Council is slammed for selling ‘sexist’ pink hats

‘Sexist’ hat for sale at Tatton Park in Cheshire sparks outrage on social media The garish pink hat is emblazoned with the words ‘FUTURE FOOTB... read more

Megyn Kelly wears a tight red dress to the US Open

Megyn Kelly and her husband Douglas Brunt attended the opening night of the US Open among a crowd of celebrities. The 47-year-old NBC host and her spouse of nin... read more

Conjoined twins are separated after 20-HOUR operation

Doctors have successfully completed the first stage of a tricky operation to separate conjoined twins who are fused together at the head. Jagannath and Balram, ... read more

Premier League summer signings rated

Premier League clubs have just three days left of the summer transfer window to add to their squads following a hectic few months of wheeling and dealing. Plent... read more

Hurricane Harvey drowns cities in harmful floodwater 

Disastrous floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey have left Houston residents at risk of chronic diseases and infections. The storm has already forced thousands to b... read more

Woman teaches husband what it’s like to be female online

A man whose wife concocted an online experiment to teach him how it feels to be female said it had ‘opened his eyes’.   Jessica Eaton, a feminist ... read more

Donald and Melania Trump prepare to visit Texas

Melania Trump knows how to dress for a society event, a White House fête, or a photoshoot — but a national disaster? Some say, not so much.  After watching ... read more

Despacito boosts Puerto Rico tourism by 45 per cent

It is, without question, the definitive song of the summer. But, while Luis Fonsi’s smash-hit single Despacito has certainly dominated the charts, itR... read more