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YouTube unveils new app features, logo and desktop site

YouTube has unveiled a new logo, desktop site and app features as part of a big redesign. New app features include the ability to slow down and speed up content... read more

Two doctors filmed hurling abuse at each other in theatre

Dr Ashok Nainiwal and Dr Murari Lal Tak were caught arguing by a filming nurse As their patient is unconscious on a bed, they are seen yelling and gesticulatin... read more

Wife reveals last words of Houston cop, 60, who drowned

A veteran Houston police officer who died while trying to get to work told his wife, ‘I’ve got work to do’ when she begged him to stay home. S... read more

Bodybuilder Vanessa Calafiore born without hands and feet

A young woman born without hands and feet has proved even her disability won’t stop her from competing in a bodybuilding contest. Vanessa Calafiore, from... read more

Boy, 11, has surgery to remove 26 magnets from his penis

An 11-year-old boy endured a two-hour long surgery to remove 26 magnet balls from his penis after he inserted them.  The boy from eastern China suffered pain a... read more

Pittsburgh mother who delivered her own baby pictured

This incredible picture shows a woman who delivered her baby, born in his amniotic sac, eight weeks prematurely in the front seat of her own car. Raelin Scurry,... read more

Teachers share secrets they don’t want pupils to know

As the summer holidays come to an end, teachers preparing to get back into the classroom have revealed the secrets they really don’t want their pupils to ... read more

Woman has heart attack in Sydney beauty clinic

Emergency services responded to reports of a medical episode on Wednesday  The woman was taken to hospital where she remains in a critical condition   Police... read more

Oregon boy calls 911 to report mother for driving drunk

Nicole Norris was reported by her 11-year-old son at around 9pm on Saturday She was pulled over by deputies from Washington County Sheriff’s Office Her bl... read more

Proud parents share their children’s inventions

Much of what our children get up to remains a mystery, however, these well thought-out ideas may prove that you’ve underestimated your brood. In a series ... read more

Florida home owned by man who ‘killed woman’ pictured

These pictures taken by police give a look into the home of accused killer Russell Tillis before it was demolished. Tillis, 54, from Jacksonville in Florida, is... read more

Mother saves daughter from drowning in Texas floods

A brave mother saved her three-year-old daughter from drowning in the Texas floods – but sacrificed her own life in the process.  The tragedy happened wh... read more

Indian TV show showing boy marrying a woman, 19, cancelled

An Indian TV show has been pulled off air after outraged viewers claimed it glorified child marriage by showing a 10-year-old boy wed to woman nine years his se... read more

Prehistoric whales were sharp-toothed killers

Scientists have discovered prehistoric whales were not gentle giants but fearsome flesh-eating predators with super sharp teeth. New research proves the early a... read more

Heart attack victims are dying early

Heart attack patients with other long-term health conditions are dying early simply because they are not being given the right care, a large study has found. Pe... read more

Cat owners share hilarious Snapchats of their pets

While they have a reputation as refined pets, it seems that cats do have a mischievous side. In a new online gallery pet owners are sharing photos of their chee... read more

Sydney’s new Costco store offers incredible deals

Warehouse giant Costco opened the doors to its third Sydney store this week offering hugely discounted prices on a range of bulk goods and unusual products.  T... read more

A guide to at-home exercises for every stage of pregnancy

Want to stay active in pregnancy? The below guide takes you through the exercises you can safely do at home during every trimester. Providing you are not suffer... read more

Holiday Inn refuses to let Texas family’s dogs in hotel

A family in Texas was left outraged after a Holiday Inn refused to let their three dogs sleep in their hotel room as they sought refuge from the rising floods o... read more

Katy Perry lawsuit from stagehand whose toe was amputated

Katy Perry has been sued by a stagehand who claimed she lost a toe while working on her tour. Christina Fish in a lawsuit said she was hired as a stagehand for ... read more

Cyclist left with gaping wound after gang bottle attack

Carl Freestone (pictured) was riding home from the pub on his bike when a group of thugs attacked him A cyclist was left with a bone poking out of his elbow aft... read more

Robert Mugabe denies he cast an ‘evil spell’

Robert Mugabe has dismissed claims he is a witch after speculation he poisoned the vice president of Zimbabwe with an evil spell. Emmerson Mnangagwa, 74, had to... read more

US looking into whether Uber bribed foreign officials

The US Justice Department is investigating whether Uber broke American laws against bribing foreign officials to promote business interests, the company has con... read more

Shafilea Ahmed’s parents gave away guilt with single nod

A mother and father who murdered their daughter because she would not embrace their Pakistani culture and then claimed they were being racially victimised were ... read more