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Primark is selling a £25 version of a £2,100 designer coat

Primark has caused a stir with yet another purse-friendly version of a popular – and pricey – designer piece. The fast-fashion retailer has released... read more

Manchester student who hanged himself was deemed low risk

Rowan Sollitt, 19, killed himself 24 hours after he had been assessed as a low risk by counsellors, an inquest heard A suicidal student who hanged himself at hi... read more

Chef reveals the ‘BEST’ way of cooking scrambled eggs

A chef has claimed he has perfected the recipe for scrambled eggs – but his unusual technique could prove controversial. Unlike so many of his peers, Mich... read more

Burnley rugby teen is cleared of raping two schoolgirls

Tyler Deterville, pictured, has been given a suspended prison sentence after admitting sexual activity with two girls under the age of 16 A teenage rugby player... read more

WWII heroes reduced to skin and bone in Japan’s POW camps

These shocking photographs show the skeletal state of British prisoners in Japan at the end of the Second World War. Hundreds of emaciated servicemen who had be... read more

British woman, 53, died after her BMW plunged 80ft

A British woman plunged to her death after accidentally reversing her BMW off an 80ft tall multi-storey car park in Abu Dhabi. Linda Al Selmie, 53, from Darling... read more

Devon mum whose weight went from 17st to 7st takes control

A woman whose weight fluctuated from obese to skinny after losing 8st is finally healthy. Alice Sparks, 32, became obsessed with controlling her food intake aft... read more

Northwich grandfather crushed to death by camper van

Chris Hatton, 58, was underneath the Ford Transit van and changing a tyre when it came off a jack he was using and fell on his chest A grandfather was crushed t... read more

Jesse Walker says nude Egypt shoot ‘not disrespectful’

A photographer who spent a night in an Egyptian prison cell after he was caught taking pictures of a nude model inside a temple claims his art wasn’t disr... read more

Mutant fish with two mouths caught by Russian fishermen

Terrifying creature was caught by fishermen in Primorsky Krai, south east Russia It appears to have a mouth on its face and neck and drips transparent liquid On... read more

Conor McGregor continues to kick back on holiday in Ibiza

UFC superstar Conor McGregor continues to live the party lifestyle in Spain after his defeat by Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas two weekends ago. McGregor has bee... read more

Apple’s ‘luxury’ £999 iPhone X is criticised by fans

Apple has made a ‘luxury’ $999 (£999) iPhone X that it claims will revolutionise the industry.  Apple executive Phil Schiller said at yesterday... read more

Mansion owned by The Exorcist author up for sale for $3.2m

The Maryland mansion owned by The Exorcist author William Peter Blatty has gone up for sale for $3.2million. The six-bed, five-bath home is set within half an a... read more

Victoria Beckham rules out gig as American Idol judge

She made a guest appearance as a judge on American Idol for a single episode back in 2009, as she filled in for then-recently departed founding star Paula Abdul... read more

Luxury equestrian property on the market for £2million

A sprawling four-bed country mansion boasting an Olympic-sized riding arena, a trout lake and cross-country riding course has gone on the market for £2 million... read more

Off-duty policeman punches a prankster twice in the face

A prankster using a plastic snake toy on a fishing line to scare passersby copped a literal beating when his joke went wrong – by a passing off-duty polic... read more

Police investigate claims homeless in Exeter eat pigeons

Police are investigating claims that homeless people are eating feral pigeons after stall traders say they saw two men stuffing 14 birds into a rucksack in Exet... read more

Brisbane security guard stabbed at Somerville House school

A burglar who allegedly stabbed a security guard five times at an elite Brisbane girls’ school allegedly borrowed a woman’s phone to call a taxi as ... read more

Translation FAILS from that will have you in stitches 

Britons are lucky that most foreign countries include English translations on their restaurant menus, road signs and even food labels. But they aren’t alw... read more

Couple in China with 7 daughters spend £10k buying a son

A Chinese couple with seven daughters have allegedly spent more than 90,000 yuan (£10,345) buying a son from strangers in order to carry on their family name.... read more

Myer showcases some bizarre looks on Spring Fashion runway

Spring has officially sprung and racing season is right around the corner, with Myer’s models showcasing what we may be wearing to cheer on the favourite ... read more

Indian girl may have been raped by more than one man

A ten-year-old girl who was forced to give birth to a child conceived through rape is believed to have been sexually abused by several men, after a DNA test fai... read more

Tara Pavlovic says she’s not yet in love with Matty J

She hinted she was ‘eliminated’ from the show on Wednesday morning during a shock radio interview. But during Tara Pavlovic’s romantic seaplan... read more

Costa Del Sol holiday ruined by view of local morgue

A grandmother says her £3,750 Thomson holiday to Spain was ruined after she discovered her room at the four-star hotel overlooked a morgue. Jackie Colbert, 60,... read more