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Healthista reveal hacks to add nutrients without calories

It is the most important meal of the day.  So, naturally, it’s a great oppourtunity to load up your breakfast with ingredients rich in nutrients, vitamin... read more

How Shakespeare’s plays would have really sounded

William Shakespeare may have had a bizarre ‘pirate’ accent with flecks of nearly every regional UK English dialect – a reflection of the ̵... read more

Ex-inmate with ISIS flag tattoo arrested in gun sting

Authorities say an ex-convict arrested on a gun charge became radicalized during his incarceration and expressed a desire to join the Islamic State group. The c... read more

Rhiannon Tracey walk down aisle after spinal cord injury

A 28-year-old woman left quadriplegic after her spinal cord was severed in a tragic accident has defied the odds to walk down the aisle at her wedding. Rhiannon... read more

William Hanson’s guide to civilised shopping

Whether you procure your avocados from Waitrose or visit Lidl to pick up their competitively priced Chianti to impress at your dinner party, there’s no ex... read more

NSW girl becomes youngest recipient of bravery award

A four-year-old girl who saved her mother’s life during a farm accident earlier in the year has become the youngest conferee of a bravery award in NSW. ... read more

70ft James Bond-esque houseboat made for a retired couple

This stunning houseboat will make a ship-shape home for anyone looking to don their deck shoes and live on the water. With its sleek black exterior and ten-seat... read more

Royal Navy sailor proposed to partner on homecoming

A Royal Navy mine-hunter turned love boat for the day when a sailor proposed to his girlfriend as the ship returned to her home port after months at sea. Petty ... read more

Trump denies chief of staff John Kelly is frustrating him

President Donald Trump denied once again that his new chief of staff, John Kelly, is making waves at the White House and he’s frustrated with him. Trump s... read more

KFC China introduces new way to pay

Diners at a KFC store in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou will have a new way to pay for their meal. Just smile. Customers will be able to use a ‘Smil... read more

Secret Ohio base hides living and dead aliens from Roswell

A secret US base in Ohio hides living and dead aliens from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, according to a retired Air Force engineer who worked there for 39 years. ... read more

Kenya stunned as President’s victory overturned

The Kenyan Presidential election has been nullified by the country’s Supreme Court after accusations that the results had been tampered with in favour of ... read more

Is your supermarket behavoiur making you look lower class?

Whether you procure your avocados from Waitrose or visit Lidl to pick up their competitively priced Chianti to impress at your dinner party, there’s no ex... read more

Thiel being investigated after backing ‘unethical’ tests

Peter Thiel, the eccentric tech billionaire worth 2.6 billion and supporter of President Donald Trump, is being investigated after helping to fund a controvers... read more

Texas soldier shares album of dogs, cats and pig he saved

A Texas National Guardsman has become an online sensation for saving 70 pets from the floods left by Hurricane Harvey  Josiah Meharg has warmed the hearts of m... read more

Mentally ill man chained for 17 years freed in China

A mentally ill man who had been chained up for 17 years has finally been freed and is now receiving treatment in southern China’s Guangdong province.   ... read more

Spa owner accused of sexual assault was ‘having a laugh’

Kerry Brocklebank (pictured) is accused of sexually assaulting a man at her health spa A health spa owner accused of sexually assaulting a man during an unwante... read more

Indian man smothered his wife and ‘cut her into 70 pieces’

An Indian man has been convicted of murdering his wife and dismembering her body before keeping the pieces in a freezer – seven years after committing the... read more

Woman filmed friend’s rape and posted it on Snapchat

Beth Rae Harris, 36 (pictured), of Chicago, Illinois, was charged after allegedly filming and posting her 23-year-old friend’s rape to Snapchat A Chicago ... read more

Trump’s energy appointee quits after social media posts

William C. Bradford stood down as head of the  Energy Department’s Office of Indian Energy It came after CNN revealed a series of posts on his Disqus acc... read more

New England Aquarium welcomes rare yellow lobster

A rare yellow lobster has joined the New England Aquarium  It was donated to the aquarium by a Salem seafood company  It joins other brightly-colored lobsters... read more

Diplomat probing MH370 is shot dead in Madagascar

CONFIRMED  FLAPERON What was found? A large 2.7 metre piece of the plane’s flaperon – the trailing edge of the wing used to increase drag during ta... read more

Wayne Rooney charged with drink driving in Cheshire

Former England captain Wayne Rooney was today charged with drink driving after being pulled over by police while behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Beetle. The 3... read more

Trump greets tourists at the White House and kisses a baby

President Trump surprised visitors at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Thursday When he walked into the room flanked by Secret Service members he made a beeline to p... read more