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Police amp up security around Powerball winner’s property

Police in Chicopee, Massachusetts have sent a team of security officials to monitor the home of the lucky $758.7 million Powerball winner, Mavis Wanczyk. Chico... read more

Gypsy twins who are ‘men’ at just 11 years old

While most children have spent the summer holidays playing with friends and enjoying family days out, it’s been a much more laborious break for twins Abra... read more

Google’s voice assistant coming to speakers and appliances

Google’s voice assistant is about to be available on a lot more devices beyond the Google Home and Android phones. The AI – which rivals Apple’... read more

Children scream as lorry smashes into their car on the M20

This is the horrifying moment children screamed in terror as a lorry and their car collided and the HGV drove along a motorway with it stuck to the front of his... read more

Miss Vermont pilots a plane to the Miss America pageant

Miss Vermont made a grand entrance as she piloted an airplane to arrive at the 2017 Miss America pageant in New Jersey. Erin Connor landed at the Atlantic City ... read more

College girls reunite their long-lost best friend parents

Two California college sophomores had a Parent Trap-esque moment when they discovered that their mothers were long-lost best friends who hadn’t seen each ... read more

Two workers killed by fumes at Pennsylvania power plant

Two men were killed while working at a power plant in western Pennsylvania A pipe ruptured and filled a pit where the workers were with sludge Toxic fumes overc... read more

Man accused of killing Melbourne baby said he was spooked

Victorian child protection authorities received a report about a Melbourne baby two months before his alleged murder, a court has been told. Six-month-old Chays... read more

Russian woman cocaine mule faces a possible death sentence

A 30-year-old Russian woman accused of being a cocaine mule faces the death penalty in Vietnam. But Maria Dapirka, who has already written a ‘farewell let... read more

Mel B’s ex-nanny finally sits down in tell-all deposition

The nanny at the center of the Mel B divorce case has finally given a ‘tell all’ deposition to the former Spice Girl’s lawyers – weeks a... read more

Moment car and vehicle smash into each other in Sydney

Dashcam footage has captured a terrifying head-on collision on Sydney highway Footage shows Subaru Forrester attempt to turn across intersection in Concord  Bl... read more

Storms like Harvey more common due to global warming

By the time the rain stops, Harvey will have dumped about 1 million gallons of water for every man, woman and child in southeastern Texas. This, say scientists,... read more

Amazon’s Alexa to chat up Microsoft’s Cortana

Amazon and Microsoft have forged a partnership that will allow their voice-controlled virtual assistants to talk to each. Starting later this year, users of Ama... read more

A new tool promises to clean poo from your toothbrush

There’s a very good chance that bacteria from poo is on your toothbrush if you share a bathroom. And, to make matters worse, it is probably not bacteria f... read more

Shoplifters taking TVs kill Sears 81-year-old guard

Duaine Hamilton, 81, was killed by two men attempting to steal television sets in a Columbia, South Carolina, Sears An 81-year-old Sears guard was killed by two... read more

London window cleaner faces jail for over inheritance

Albert Pearce (pictured) faces jail after failing to pay back an inheritance he was wrongly handed An 83-year-old retired window cleaner who was wrongly handed ... read more

North Koreans ‘last to hear about Japan missile test’

North Korean state media waited 24-hours before informing the hermit state’s population of its missile test across the Japanese mainland.  The state TV s... read more

Private companies drive ‘new space race’ at NASA center

For the first time since the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011, NASA says it may soon have the capability to send astronauts to the International Space St... read more

Ice cream selling turf battle breaks out in Oldham

Ice cream men in Oldham are being chased off their turf by a so-called ‘mafia family’ which has been attacking them and setting their vans on fire. ... read more

Boohoo founder’s son set to marry in Italian wedding

The heir to an online fashion empire worth £2billion will tie the knot with his girlfriend this week in what looks set to be one of the most lavish weddings of... read more

World’s longest zipwire lets you fly like Superman in UAE

This clip shows how thrill-seekers will soon soar from the peak of Jebel Jais mountain on the world’s longest zip line.  Adrenaline junkies can launch fr... read more

Kanye West’s tour insurer files countersuit

Insurers Lloyd’s of London have filed a countersuit against Kanye West’s company Very Good Touring. The rapper is in the process of suing Lloyd̵... read more

David Bowie was right! ‘Spider’ are common on Mars

‘Spiders’ on Mars are far more common than first thought, researchers have revealed. Named for their arachnid-like appearance, they are a type of la... read more

Reporters pull Texas man from his truck in floodwaters

Reporter Drew Griffin was just about to start a live cross for CNN on Wednesday when a man drove his truck into a flooded ravine in Beaumont Cameras were still ... read more