Paraplegic girl has her fingertips bitten off by rats 

  • The teenage girl was found lying in a pool of her own blood and covered in bites
  • Her father initially thought she had been victim of a botched burglary in Roubaix
  • Investigation has been launched into rodent attack in north east area of France

A paraplegic teenager was found in a pool of her own blood after a pack of rats descended on her as she slept and gnawed off her finger tips. 

The rodents inflicted dozens of wounds across the 14-year-old’s body as she lay in her bed on the floor, in Roubaix, north eastern France.

Her father, known only as Jerome, made the horrific discovery. He initially thought his daughter Samantha had been the victim of a botched burglary. 

In a video posted by Closer Mag in France the girl’s rather described the horror he faced when he discovered his daughter after the attack

‘There was blood everywhere. I thought it was a burglary that had gone wrong. I thought she had been the victim of a cerebral haemorrhage,’ according to Le Courier Picard.

The distraught father said he had found her ‘drenched in blood’ with lesions on the face, neck, hands, legs, ears and nose.

She suffered 45 wounds to her face, 150 across hands and 30 to her feet as she slept.

He believed it was due to her condition that she had not been fully aware of what was happening to her.

‘Because of her illness, she is less sensitive to pain than we are. She must have felt the rats get on her but she did not have the presence of mind to call us,’ he said.

Samantha is recovering in hospital and has received a number of vaccinations. According to her father her rabies test came back negative.

Jerome has filed a complaint against his landlord over claims of negligence. He alleges a pile of rubbish in the driveway attracted the rats. The family has since been moved from the property.  

The public prosecutor’s office in Lille opened an investigation for ‘unintentional injuries by breach of a prudent or security rule’, France Info reported.