Parents reveal the spine-tingling things children have said to them

Parents share their most spine-tingling experiences including mysterious crying on a baby monitor and a child who asked: ‘Who’s that old lady who stands by the window?’

  • CBeebies asked parents to reveal the ‘creepiest thing your child has said to you’
  • Social media post has had thousands of comments from parents recounting scary things their kids have uttered including sighting of spooky figures 
  • Others talked about past lives and living with my family ‘before this one’
  • One lady recounted chilling moment she heard crying on a baby monitor only to find her daughter fast asleep when she went to check on her

Thousands of parents have shared the chilling conversations they’ve had with their young children, including questions about spooky sightings in their homes. 

Children’s television channel CBeebies asked grown-ups to post on social media the ‘creepiest thing your child has said to you’ and the floodgates opened.

Many talked about how their offspring had mentioned dead relatives they’d never met or had seen people in the house that no-one else could. 


Children’s television channel CBeebies asked parents to share spooky conversations with their young children – and thousands offered up their chilling encounters

Facebook user Megan Smyth shared a particularly creepy encounter with a baby monitor. 

The mother wrote how she’s heard crying on it and made her way upstairs. The crying turned to sobs, with the child saying ‘I want my daddy’. She explains: ‘Defo not my child! She was fast asleep! There were no other kids living near us so I don’t know what it picked up!!! Really spooked me.’

On Twitter, @Beckofdoom offered some ghostly insight from her then toddler. She wrote: ‘That there was a man hanging from our washing line, and when we went to look she said “It’s okay, he’s buried in the ground now” she was about two and a half’.

Another mother, Kayleigh Emerson, said her daughter’s terrifying observations had left her wondering whether past lives really did exist. 

She said her daughter, then two, told her about being in a car accident. She wrote: ‘She stopped for a moment, staring into space and said: “Then a van came and gave me a bad headache and there was rain on my hands.” Then like a switch being flipped she was suddenly all bubbly again talking about snowmen. 

She added: ‘I couldn’t get her to say anything more about the van. She said a few other similarly creepy things around that age – actually had me wondering if past lives could be real.’