Parish council minibus spells out ‘Churchill Anus Society’

  • The Churchill and Langford Minibus Society run a rural charity travel service
  • The organisation offers shopping trips to people in isolated locations 
  • In 2016, the society received a new 12-seater minibus to expand its service
  • Unfortunately, there is a rude message on the side when the door opens 

A parish council has been left red-faced after its minibus spelled out a rude message when the vehicle’s sliding door was left open. 

An eagle-eyed shopper spotted the Churchill and Langford Minibus Society while on a pre-Christmas trip to Weston-super-Mare last weekend. 

Unfortunately for the trip’s organisers, when the sliding door opened it masked over several of the letters, contracting the original sign to the more risque Churchill Anus Society. 

Parish councillors have been left red-faced by this mini-bus because when the door of the van opens it chances the meaning of the Churchill and Langford Minibus Society entirely 

The family of Winston Churchill have links to Churchill Parish in north Somerset

The family of Winston Churchill have links to Churchill Parish in north Somerset

The image of the minibus was posted on Reddit before it was picked up by local newspapers. 

The Somersetlive website reported that one local resident was visiting Asda for some last minute Christmas shopping when they spotted the minibus with the offending slogan. 

They said: ‘I just had to take this picture while Christmas shopping at Asda. Wonder how many more amusing words out there when opening sliding doors.’

Laura Batt, who books the minibus said: ‘We have been made aware of this situation and this will be addressed in the New Year as we have had a shortage of funds and not been in a position to have the signage amended before.

‘Obviously no offence was intended to the general public. The wording will be corrected as soon as possible. We have been running our Minibus Society for over 42 years and have not had any issues previously.’  

The minibus society purchased a new 12-seater vehicle in 2016 following a grant from the Department of Transport. 

The society, which is based outside Bristol, uses the minibus to provide transport for people in rural areas. Their new vehicle – with the unfortunate sign, is equipped to deal with disabled passengers.