Passenger has hilarious reaction to feet on her arm rest 

  • A video shows a woman sitting in a window seat on a plane when she notices who, or what, she’ll be fighting for the armrest
  • It shows the manicured toes and then pans to the passenger who has a repulsed look on her face
  • Her brow is furrowed and eyes are wide with displeasure as she crinkles her nose trying to decide what action to take 

One airplane passenger apparently thought preparing for take off literally meant taking off her shoes.

Hilarious, but very creepy video reveals the moment one passenger discovers a very well presented foot fighting with her for the armrest.

Pulling a series of hilarious faces, the shocked woman videos her struggle with the rogue foot as she settles in for her flight.

A hilarious video shows the woman's disgusted reaction

A hilarious video shows a woman’s disgusted reaction when she sees that the passenger behind her got a little too comfortable and put her manicured feet on the woman’s armrest 

However gross the idea of sharing your armrest with a stranger’s bare foot may be, at least the woman can take heart from the immaculate pedicure the selfish passenger has.

Despite her repulsed look and furrowed brow, the woman appears at a loss how to deal with the alien foot intruding on her personal space. 

The video was posted to Flyheight on September 11. It is unclear where the plane was taking off from or landing.