Passengers start vomiting as plane fills with mist when pilot turns up air conditioning in India

This is the shocking moment airline passengers start to vomit as their plane fills with mist, when the air conditioning was turned up to full power in a bid to get them out.

Customers grew frustrated when the AirAsia flight in India, departing from Kolkata, was over four hours late for its journey to Bagdogra.

The pilot told passengers to get off the plane, and when they refused he forced them out by cranking up the air conditioning, it is claimed. 

Shocking footage shows worried passengers trying to get out as the mist engulfs the cabin, with some of them being sick, the Indian broadcaster NDTV reported. 

The video from inside the aircraft was shared on Facebook by oil firm director Dipankar Ray, who said it was a ‘scary’ experience. 

The concerned people on board can be heard shouting and complaining as they get out of their seats but have to wait to exit the plane, as they become more and more obscured by the mist. 

Describing the delay, Mr Ray wrote that the plane had returned to the gate before the crew announced a ‘technical snag’.

The plane then remained stuck on the tarmac before customers were told to get out, amid heavy rain at the airport, he said. 

He said: ‘When passengers objected, put blowers in full blast to hound passengers out. 

‘Simply suffocating kids… No food or water in between. This is the way [the] aviation industry works in India.’

One frustrated passenger shared footage from the cabin and said it was a ‘scary’ experience

Passengers were feeling ill after the pilot turned the air conditioning to full power on the flight

Passengers were feeling ill after the pilot turned the air conditioning to full power on the flight

An AirAsia statement acknowledged the delay but said the air conditioning had been switched on in ‘high humidity conditions’.

The company said: ‘AirAsia regrets the inconvenience caused to guests on account of this disruption and would like to reinstate that the airline always prioritises safety above all.

‘[The air conditioning] is a normal occurrence on-board all aircraft when the air conditioning is operated in high humidity conditions.’ 

The firm also claimed that passengers were offered refreshments, but Mr Ray said they had had to buy it themselves from the airport food court, it is reported.