Pastor’s wife is convicted of getting her ‘throuple lover’ to murder her husband

A pastor’s wife faces life in jail after she was convicted of hiring a hitman who’s said to be her toyboy lover – to kill her husband after tiring of his demands for orgies.   

Kristie Evans, 48, admitted the March 2021 first-degree murder of her husband David Evans at a court in Ada, Oklahoma, on Monday. The killer – who has a grown-up daughter with her late husband – will be sentenced in August.

Evans was arrested in March 2021 along with Kahlil Square, 26. Square had threesomes with Evans and her late husband David, 50, at David’s behest.

David, the late pastor of  Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Ada, is said to have branded his wife a ‘frigid bitch’ for her inability to match his voracious appetites for group sex. 

Evans allegedly asked Square to shoot David dead to free her from the domestic violence she says he’d inflicted. She and Square had their own affair behind David’s back. 

Square has denied charges filed against him, with his lawyer saying there are no plans to amend the plea until Evans is sentenced. 

Murder suspect Kristie Evans, 48 (right), was found guilty for orchestrating the murder of her pastor husband, David (left), who she claims had subjected her to years of psychological and verbal abuse

Kristie is now at risk of facing a maximum sentence of life incarceration but her lawyer, Joi Miskel, said on Monday that the mother-of-two ‘understands there has to be accountability for her actions’ but that she also ‘wants the court and the public to know the reasons behind her actions.’

She added that Kristie ‘at least now has some control and say so in her life that she didn’t have before — as twisted as that may sound.’ Square’s lawyer, Tony Coleman,  also said on Monday that his client was still pleading not guilty to a murder charge.

Pontotoc County prosecutor Tara Portillo, overseeing the case, said Kristie was not allowed to share her abuse claims until after sentencing. 

Kristie Evans

Kahlil Square, 26

Kristie (left) and her lover, 26-year-old Kahlil Square (right), were arrested in March on first-degree murder charges in connection with the pastor’s killing. The pair often had threesomes with the pasto, who was shot in his bed by Square  

In previous interviews, the convicted mother-of-three told news outlets from jail that her husband would systematically abuse her psychologically as well as verbally for years, and pressure her to participate in threesomes. 

Private Facebook messages exchanged between the couple, investigated by NBC News for the last four years, and shared by their grown daughter, show that at the start of 2017, David had been pressuring Kristie to bring additional people into their relationship to make things more ‘fun’ for him in the bedroom and even called her a ‘frigid b****.’ 

Kristie also said David practiced ‘coercive control’ on her – a form of domestic abuse with behavioral patterns used to intimidate, humiliate, surveil and control another person, ultimately robbing victims of autonomy. Additionally, he would financially restrict her, as well as allegedly abuse her physically, often without having ‘left a mark’ on her.

Kristie’s father, Ed Armer, once told NBC News that his daughter was trapped in an abusive relationship with no way out. 

‘She seized an opportunity to escape from her personal hell,’ Armer said.

Kristie (right) and David (left) had been in a relationship since 1991 and had three children together

Kristie (right) and David (left) had been in a relationship since 1991 and had three children together

Family relatives, as well as the couple's kids, claimed Pastor David (left) isolated Kristie (right) from her friends, kept a tight control on her spending and physically abused them

Family relatives, as well as the couple’s kids, claimed Pastor David (left) isolated Kristie (right) from her friends, kept a tight control on her spending and physically abused them

On March 22, 2021, Square entered the Evans family’s home while David and Kristie were sleeping and shot the pastor dead in his bed, according to police.

Square then fled the scene and Kristie called 911, claiming an intruder had broken in and killed her husband. Four days later, she allegedly confessed to her daughter, Brittney Long, that she had ‘begged’ her lover to kill her father. She then went to the police and turned herself in.

According to charging documents, Kristie told detectives she had given Square the gun, a box of bullets and left the backdoor of her home open for him to enter through.

Long, the pastor’s daughter, and one of their two sons, 28-year-old Zachary Evans, also described their father as physically abusive. According to the siblings, he would slam the children’s heads together, lift them off the floor by their hair, and make them clean the house at night while berating them.

The abuse escalated to a point when in April 2010, the three children were placed with their maternal grandparents after reporting their father’s behavior to the police.

Kristie revealed that her husband once held a pillow to her face while pinning down her arms, but she never reported it to anyone because of the lack of physical evidence. 

Brittney Long

David Evans was a pastor in Ada, Oklahoma

Brittney Long, the Evans’ daughter, said her mother felt hopeless in her marriage and ‘begged’ her lover to shoot her father in their bed

Over the course of their marriage, David allegedly isolated his wife from her friends. He would also place ads on Craigslist seeking sexual partners and harangue his wife about inviting a co-worker over to their home for a threesome. 

Kristie also said her husband threatened to commit suicide if she did not go along with his sexual demands. At one point, she said her husband aimed a .357 revolver at his chin as she spoke on the phone with their daughter, reassuring her that she and her dad were fine. 

David’s mother, Jean Richardson, defended her son, saying that he was not as controlling as Kristie and her family made him out to be, evidenced by the fact that her daughter-in-law had a job outside the home, drove a car and had a credit card. 

Richardson also argued that if the relationship had been as troubled as Kristie claimed, she could have left her husband, or sought help, instead of passing a ‘death sentence’ on her son. 

Long, Kristie’s daughter, who is now married and has a young child of her own, said she does not know what ultimately prompted her mother to take matters into her own hands, but she speculated that it might have been a feeling of hopelessness.

‘My mom didn’t see an end to it,’ she told the outlet. ‘I don’t think she had it in her to continue living that way.’

Kristie’s sentencing hearing, where Miskel said relatives are expected to come forward as witnesses about the abuse claims, is scheduled for August 9 and 10.