Paul McKenna exclusively shares the techniques he says will give you an HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND

Paul McKenna is giving MailOnline readers eating help techniques in his Slim Down For Summer series


If you’ve tried everything you can to lose weight and failed, you might even have considered a gastric band. A gastric band is a radical, surgical operation that reduces the available space in the stomach. But even people that have thought about having one, can’t face the surgery or the expense. This is where my Hypnotic Gastric Band can help you. A Hypnotic Gastric Band is a psychological procedure that helps to convince the unconscious mind that a gastric band has actually been fitted, so the body behaves as if it were physically present.

This, in turn, allows you to eat less and feel completely satisfied. You can leave food on your plate and you don’t feel like you are missing out. You can enjoy your food and still lose weight.

This is how it works – alongside this text you are reading now, there is a 25-minute hypnotic trance that you can listen to, here at Mail Online for the next 7 days for free. There’s no physical surgery, no scarring and no forbidden foods. All you have to do is follow all the instructions and let me help you lose weight.

Over the years, I have done a great deal of research into how the body works and how it is influenced by psychological processes such as visualization, mind-programming and hypnosis.

Some people wonder how good they are at visualizing. It is actually very easy. Try this experiment. Think of your front door. Which side is the lock on? To answer that question, you called to mind a picture of your door. That is visualization, and we can all do it.

Visualization can radically affect your body. When you imagine something stressful, your body releases adrenaline and your muscles tense up. When you imagine something relaxing, your body chemistry changes and your muscles relax.

In a similar way, when you imagine you have gone through a procedure in which your stomach has shrunk from the size of a melon to the size of a tennis ball, it actually affects the signaling system of the body, so that after a just few mouthfuls, you begin to feel comfortably full. Curious as this may seem, the result is that even though you know you have not had a physical operation, your body responds as though you have, and a gastric band is in place.

I am now going to explain, just briefly, some of the key points of your digestive process and how a Hypnotic Gastric Band helps you to lose weight.

As you begin to chew your food, the saliva begins breaking it down and your stomach prepares to receive it by releasing hydrochloric acid. When it gets to your stomach, it is broken down more and the acid kills off any unwanted bacteria. Next, the food goes into your small intestine where another set of enzymes break down the proteins, peptides, fats and starches even further. The molecular chains are now small enough to pass through the walls of your intestine and be taken into your bloodstream and your liver. In the large intestine, water and various salts and chemicals are reabsorbed into the body and the remaining waste is excreted.

All of this is controlled by a set of hormones and many of them do more than one job. For example, GLP1, which tells your brain that you have had enough to eat, also slows down the release of acid in the stomach.

The vital point is that when we fit your Hypnotic Gastric Band, we are not just reducing the available space in your stomach, we are also carefully recalibrating the hormonal and nervous signaling system which governs your digestion and how full you feel.

This is why it is so effective, because it communicates directly with all these interlocking processes, which are controlled by the unconscious mind. Your psychological gastric band will recalibrate your feeling of fullness at a physiological level.

Satiety is another word for fullness. It is a very specific and important feeling, but if you have been dieting or over-eating, your awareness of it may have become confused. In order to help you get back in touch with it, I’d like you to try a little thought experiment now.

As part of his Slim Down For Summer series Paul McKenna is giving readers healthy eating tips 

As part of his Slim Down For Summer series Paul McKenna is giving readers healthy eating tips 

First of all, think of a time when you were absolutely stuffed: so full that it was uncomfortable and maybe you felt bloated and even a bit nauseous.

Now, think of a different time, a time when you were ravenous, so hungry that it was almost an ache in your stomach and you felt empty and desperate for something to eat.

OK, now, remember feeling stuffed again…

Now, desperately hungry…

Go back and forth between these two memories and notice how different they feel to you.

So long as you can tell the difference between feeling stuffed and feeling starving, your mind has all it needs to begin the process of recalibration.

Your unconscious mind will use these memories when you listen to the Hypnotic Gastric Band to reset your feeling of satiety and give you a clear sense of the many stages available between these two extremes.

You never ever need to go to either of these extremes again.

From now on, you will find that you notice the fullness feeling more easily and more often. In the old days, you may have ignored or passed this point without paying it much attention. With your Hypnotic Gastric Band fitted, you will reach this point more quickly, so it is important to look out for it, to avoid unnecessary discomfort. If you are at all unsure, just pause and stop eating for three or four minutes and then check how you feel.

Your unconscious mind will make the fullness come more swiftly, clearly and urgently as a result of your Hypnotic Gastric Band.

When you listen to the hypnotic trance, it is perfectly all right if you consciously listen to every word but it does not matter if you cannot consciously remember a word. What you do or don’t remember is not important, because the language in the mind-programming technique is directed towards your unconscious mind, which hears everything it needs to hear.

Many people have been sceptical when they have used these psychological techniques to lose weight and change their lifestyle, and it is important to keep whatever scepticism you have until you have truly proven to yourself that you have achieved success with these tools and you do not have to believe in anything to benefit from them.

Now, listen to the Hypnotic Gastric Band trance and look forward to feeling lighter and fitter and enjoying your new thinner body!

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