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PCs attacked by terrorists receive top awards for their bravery 

Murdered PC Keith Palmer and London Bridge terror attack hero Pc Charlie Guenigault have scooped top awards for their bravery.

The Metropolitan Police officers were handed top prizes at this year’s Police Bravery Awards at Downing Street on Thursday.

Pc Palmer, 48, was knifed to death near the Palace of Westminster by Khalid Masood, 52, after the terrorist drove a rented 4X4 into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge on March 22 last year.

Gentleman: Pc Keith Palmer posed for a picture with American tourist Staci Martin just 45 minutes before he was stabbed

Pc Guenigault was out with friends after his shift and was on his way home when the London Bridge attackers ploughed a van into pedestrians before stabbing people at Borough Market.

Despite being unarmed, the brave PC ran towards them and was stabbed in the head, back and stomach.

Calum Macleod, chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, which hosts the event, said: ‘Today we commemorate true heroes.’

‘Pc Keith Palmer paid the ultimate sacrifice for his bravery, but thanks to him many, many more deaths were prevented that day.

‘For Pc Charlie Guenigault, there was no such thing as ‘off duty’.

‘He ran towards a situation that most of us can’t even imagine, putting himself in grave danger and thinking only of helping others.’

The eight regional winners were:

Greater Manchester Police

Pc Mohammed Nadeem, wearing his full body armour, jumped into a freezing river to save a distressed man. He tried to swim away towards a weir, but the constable caught up and dragged him to safety.


 Pcs Gary Sharpe and Victoria Threadgold were called to a domestic incident where a violent man was armed with a Samurai sword. Pc Threadgold took the woman victim to safety while Pc Sharpe confronted him. The man, who had been drinking and suffered from a multiple personality disorder, was persuaded to put down the sword, but then produced a handgun and pointed it at the officer. Despite this, the constables used CS spray and managed to restrain him.

West Mercia 

 In her second week on patrol, Pc Kimberley Morris arrived at a blood-spattered house where a man had an eight-inch wound to his neck. She gave first aid to the victim, who was bleeding heavily from an artery, while talking to the man who had attacked him to keep him in sight while back-up arrived.


 Pc Frances Peters arrived alone at a remote farmhouse after a man called in claiming he was going to kill his wife. At first, he was playing music, talking to himself and using a mobile phone. But then he grabbed two swords and moved towards Pc Peters, who used pepper spray and managed to restrain him. 

 Thames Valley Police

 Sergeant Mark Allmond was out shopping with his family when he heard a man shouting threats. The officer was not aware at that point that the offender had walked into a shop, taken a knife from the shelves and murdered an innocent member of the public. Sgt Allmond followed the man through the town centre as he continued to make threats. He tried to distract the man away from a member of the public that he was talking to, but the knifeman got angry. Pc Alex Quigley then arrived and challenged him with her Taser, getting him to drop the knife. The pair then worked together to restrain him.


 Inspector Ian Stevenson (now retired) found a vulnerable woman by a train track.

She ran onto the railway line as a train approached, but the inspector managed to grab her and pull her out of its path, with the train missing them by a couple of feet. His colleague described it as ‘like something out of a movie’.

North Wales

Pcs David Hall and Rhys Rushby spotted a fugitive murder suspect hiding in a car.

He attacked Pc Hall with a claw hammer, hitting his shoulder, arms and hands.

The suspect screamed that he had a gun and would kill them, before holding a knife to Pc Rushby’s throat. Eventually the pair managed to Taser and handcuff him.


Pcs Palmer and Guenigault.

Mr Macleod said: ‘These awards are a chance to showcase the exceptional bravery that officers protecting our country show day in, day out.

‘The heroic deeds we have heard about today did not happen by accident; they were borne of dedication, selflessness and an overwhelming commitment to keeping the public safe.’



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