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Pensioner, 84, on lockdown due to the coronavirus is forced to eat old food from her BIN

Pensioner, 84, on lockdown due to the coronavirus is forced to eat old food from her BIN after thief steals supplies from her doorstep

  • Woman police named ‘Elizabeth’ had been staying at home due to Covid-19 
  • Had been doing her shopping online to avoid busy supermarkets in London
  • Her supplies were stolen from the doorstep of her flat by a ‘callous’ thief’ 

A vulnerable 84-year-old pensioner who had been staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic was forced to eat old food from her bin after a ‘callous’ thief stole supplies from her doorstep.

The pensioner, identified by police as ‘Elizabeth’ had accidentally locked herself in her west London flat and was unable to go outside for essential food supplies.

Met Police rescued the pensioner from the Feltham property, and said she had been left to starve.

On arrival at the property earlier this week the response officers, PC Matt Hodge and Pat Peltier made sure Elizabeth had all the essentials to make her feel comfortable.

PCs Matt Hodges and Pat Peltier (pictured above) were able to rescue Elizabeth and managed to get her some supplies

Elizabeth had been unable to open her door and was imprisoned in her own home, unable to collect her only supply of food that she had ordered online.

The isolated OAP has no nearby family or friends. So far in the UK there have been 7,095 deaths due to Covid-19 and over 60,000 confirmed cases.

Those over the age of 70 and vulnerable were told to stay at home as they are deemed at risk. 

London has been once of the worst hit area in the UK with 1,907 deaths in the capital and over 13,000 confirmed cases.

Unfortunately in her bid to stay safe, Elizabeth had locked herself in and whilst confined to her home with no way of leaving, the food thief took advantage and stole the supplies from her doorstep.

The force posted the update to its Facebook page today and said: ‘A callous individual took advantage of the situation and stole the food from the pensioner’s front door step, leaving her with nothing’. 

On arrival, the officers swiftly gained entry to the property and saw her fridge was almost empty and learned the woman had resorted to eating out of the rubbish bin to survive.

They immediately went to the local shops and purchased food, drinks, toiletries and a few other necessities to fill her home and make her feel more comfortable.

She was overwhelmed with the officer’s selflessness and generosity and thanked them for their help.

The officers have put the necessary action in place to ensure this heart-breaking situation doesn’t happen again.

The Met said: ‘This is a remarkable example of what lengths our officers will go to, to protect local residents during this very challenging time.

‘Well done PC’s Matt Hodge and Pat Peltier!’