Pensioner, 86, befriends woman, 23, who gave him smartphone lessons

Man, 86, puts an ad in the local newsletter for smartphone lessons – and now he’s friends with the 23-year-old woman who volunteered

  • Tony had no clue how to use his smartphone and wanted help
  • 23-year-old Adele Walton answered Tony’s ad and started giving him lessons
  • The pair have now become good friends, with Tony growing in confidence
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Scanning her local London newsletter, 23-year-old Adele Walton turned to the adverts section. 

It’s here she saw one that caught her eye, reading: ‘Smartphone tuition required by intelligent pensioner.’

‘Intrigued, I called the number listed in the ad and left a message on the landline saying I’d be interested in helping,’ Adele tells 

‘A few days later I was sitting in Tony’s flat, holding his Tesco mobile smartphone while showing him how to turn it on and unlock it.’

Tony, 86, advertised in a local newsletter for someone to teach him how to use a smartphone and he met Adele, 23, who he’s now become friends with 

While not a teacher, Adele knew she had a lot to offer Tony. Having received her first phone age 13, she’d grown up using iPhones. 

A decade later, she refers to using new technology as ‘second nature’. 

Tony, on the other hand, was a complete novice. 

Adele recalls, ‘Tony had gone back a couple of times to the shop where he had first bought the phone to ask the people working there to show him how to do things – but he eventually stopped doing this as it didn’t feel comfortable. 

Adele, 23, helped 'complete novice' Tony use his smartphone and now he can use Google Maps to find his way to a cafe to meet her for a chat

Adele, 23, helped ‘complete novice’ Tony use his smartphone and now he can use Google Maps to find his way to a cafe to meet her for a chat 

‘He felt they might be getting tired of teaching him the basics. 

‘And when I found out that Tony had been paying a monthly contract for over a year only for this phone to be sitting in its box untouched, I was determined that our weekly sessions would teach him whatever he wanted to know.’ 

At first, they started with the basics: making an answering calls. But over their hour-long weekly sessions, the pensioner also became familiar with texting, video calling, sending photos, and checking bus timetables. 

‘Tony and I went from communicating solely by landline – with him avoiding his mobile phone between our sessions – to him being able to use his phone to check Google Maps to get to the local café to meet me.

Over three months, Tony’s confidence in using his phone has come on leaps and bounds, and it seems his initial prediction was right. 

The first time he met Adele, Tony said, ‘You’re going to have a colossal impact on my life.’

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