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Pensioner gives $750 coronavirus hand out to Timbuktu Cafe in Brighton, Melbourne

Pensioner’s heartwarming gesture leaves cafe owners stunned as he hands over his $750 coronavirus payout to help them survive hard times

  • Timbuktu cafe in Brighton, Melbourne was gifted $750 by anonymous pensioner
  • The pensioner said they didn’t need the money and wanted to support the store
  • Timbuktu owner, Pierre Patole said he was ‘lost for words’ after receiving money 
  • The donation came out of government’s payment to pensioners amid COVID-19 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A cafe owner has been left speechless after he was given an anonymous $750 donation from a pensioner’s coronavirus handout.

Pierre Patole, who owns the Timbuktu Cafe in Brighton, Melbourne found the envelope tucked underneath the store’s door on Friday morning.

‘I need nothing that I can think to spend it on and have thought that I would like to donate it to your business Pierre – you are certainly part of the economy and we very much admire your efforts to create a wonderful new family focused business,’ the letter read.

A pensioner donated their $750 coronavirus handout to the Timbuktu Cafe in Brighton, Melbourne adding it was of no need to them

‘Plus your ever smiling welcome despite these hard times – it helps us all.

‘All the very best. We hope this helps in a small way.’

Mr Patole shared the letter to Facebook, adding he was ‘lost for words’. 

‘I found this under our door when I opened the cafe. No name. Whoever you are, thank you so much,’ he said.

‘Lost for words.’

Cafes across the country have been forced to shut up shop in the wake of coronavirus after strict social distancing measures kicked in. 

The Timbuktu cafe is just one of many businesses that have been left selling takeaway meals only.

‘This brought a tear to my eye, this is such an amazing and selfless gesture,’ one person said on the Facebook post.

‘Seeing this happening to a local place that we’ve all come to love and know could use the support Is fantastic. To whomever that did this: you have a heart of gold,’ wrote another.

‘I totally understand these people. I didn’t need mine either, so I gave it to somewhere that is really doing it tough at the moment, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre ASRC,’ said one person.

In March, the government announced pensioners, veterans and those with disabilities among other categories would receive the $750 payment in response to COVID-19.

Timbuktu (pictured) owner Pierre Patole was 'lost for words' after receiving the anonymous donation on Friday

Timbuktu (pictured) owner Pierre Patole was ‘lost for words’ after receiving the anonymous donation on Friday