Perth mum shocked to find cake congratulating guest on finishing parole in trashed Airbnb

Airbnb owner finds a half-eaten cake with a very interesting message left behind by guests who ‘absolutely trashed’ the holiday home

  • Half eaten cake with a message left in ‘trashed’ Airbnb
  • The message congratulated someone on finishing parole 

An Airbnb host was left with an interesting surprise when they found their holiday rental had been ‘trashed’ by a group of guests. 

The woman was shocked to find her mum’s Airbnb ‘absolutely trashed’ when she went to clean it but it was what she found in the fridge that raised eyebrows.

In the fridge was a half eaten chocolate cake with a message congratulating one of the guests on finishing their parole. 

The full message couldn’t be made out between a bunch of fingerprints that had been stamped into the icing.

The Perth mum shared the find online sending dozens into hysterics.

An Airbnb owner, from Perth, discovered a cake with a message congratulating a guest on finishing their parole in the fridge of their holiday home

‘This was left in the fridge when I was cleaning my mum’s absolutely trashed Airbnb. ‘Congratulations on finishing your parole’,’ she wrote in a post to Facebook page The Bell Tower Times 2.0. 

She added her skin ‘stunk of bleach for days’ after using a large amount of the cleaner to get the Airbnb back to normal. 

People tried to guess what the full message written on the cake said with one speculating it read: ‘Congratulations on finishing your parole, this time stay out, your fam x’

‘I think this works and is probably fitting,’ they said. 

The woman said the guests had 'absolutely trashed' the Airbnb and she had to use so much bleach to clean it that her skin 'stunk for days'

The woman said the guests had ‘absolutely trashed’ the Airbnb and she had to use so much bleach to clean it that her skin ‘stunk for days’

Others thought the guests’ ‘incredible’ leftovers were hilarious with one saying: ‘Must’ve had it pretty good in the can, left half a quality cake like that!’. 

‘Couldn’t get a hotel room because they can’t get a credit card for check in…Airbnb is the next best option,’ a second wrote. 

‘Well, considering the rental crisis is so bad that people who have never been in prisons can’t get rentals, where else are they supposed to stay…?’ a third chimed in.

‘Are those finger prints?’ asked another. 

One person joked the host ‘better bring out the black light’ while another called the dessert ‘classy’. 

‘Nothing wrong with them staying in an Airbnb but they don’t have to trash it!!’ someone added.