Peter V’landys drops major hint that  beloved footy team will return to the NRL: ‘It makes sense’

  • North Sydney Bears could make a return 
  • The club left the NRL following the 1999 season 
  • Peter V’landys says he can see the Bears back in the fold 

Peter V’landys has dropped the biggest hint yet that the beloved North Sydney Bears will return to the NRL. 

One of the founding members of the New South Wales Rugby League, the Bears exited the NRL following the 1999 season, with around 200,000 fans being lost to the top competition in Australia.

The Bears, meanwhile, served as South Sydney reserve grade side from 2007 until 2018 and have served as the Sydney Roosters for the past three seasons, with two years left on their agreement.

But the conversation around bringing the Bears back has never gone away and, with talk of bringing new expansion teams into the competition, V’landys says ‘it makes sense’ to involve the club in some capacity.

‘Everywhere I go, that always the question,’ he told News Corp. ‘When are you bringing back the Bears? I didn’t realise they had so many old fans.

Peter V’landys has dropped a major hint at the return of an iconic rugby league team

The North Sydney Bears left the NRL in 1999 but could make a return to the fold

The North Sydney Bears left the NRL in 1999 but could make a return to the fold

‘It’s the most commonly asked question. They’ve got to be in the equation. They can’t be standalone in Sydney because there’s too many already. 

‘However, they can certainly be part of a new team, whether it be in Perth, the Pacific, wherever. They’re so passionate and you want that.’

When pushed on whether he will bring the Bears back, V’landys insisted he is ‘only one decision maker’ but said the club has plenty of things going in their favour. 

‘It makes sense that we bring them back in some capacity, because they’ve got 200,000 members. That’s important.   

‘We brought the Dolphins in as 17th team because they were bringing new fans into the game, not people following the Broncos. 

‘They did a study and showed they’d bring all these new people to rugby league. 

‘That’s vital. You want to bring the casual viewer in to become an engaged fan. The Bears have got that.’