Phenq Customer Review – Phenq Before and After Results 2021

“I gained 36 pounds by eating and resting during the covid-19 lockdown”
26 years old shares her traumatic weight gain experience and how a safe diet pill put her weight back on track

  • The abrupt change in my lifestyle resulted in adding 36lbs to my weight
  • I was eating most of the time and was having little to no physical activities at home
  • My increasing weight was a real threat to my confidence and health
  • A natural weight loss formula helped my body get back to its original shape by slicing 29lbs off

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Phenq Customer Reviews

Adrianne is 26 years old residing in Florida. She is a financial analyst that was directed to work from home after Covid-19 hit the state harder. While remote working turned out a great experience for her, it yielded a set of unfavorable consequences for her. For example, she blames that during this period of time, she gained additional 36 pounds to her weight.

Adrianne feels that she has always enjoyed a healthy BMI but throughout the lockdown, all she was doing was eating and sitting, resulting in excessive weight. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the prominent causes of poor metabolism, say the health experts. Irrespective of the diet and age, inactivity can ultimately slow down an otherwise active metabolism.

The situation was no different for the woman who claims to take additional calories besides her idleness. There was a disturbance in her normal sleeping patterns and everything was simply contributing to her weight. According to her, she was least bothered about herself but was a bit concerned about its toll on her health.

However, when her long-distance boyfriend requested her to meet, she felt the need for some action then and there. At first, she had no clue about how to start. She spoke to her fitness expert friend who assisted her to follow a healthy eating plan. She further asked her to follow some weight loss exercises and consider PhenQ for faster results.

The fitness expert stated that PhenQ is one of the brilliant weight loss formulas proven to promote faster slimming. It is a tried and tested natural supplement that delivers the same appetite-suppressing effects produced by the drug, Phentermine. Not only that, she felt that PhenQ was the metabolism booster Adrianne needed to pick up her fat loss engines. Hence, with much resistance but enthusiasm, Adrianne started her weight loss program with PhenQ.

Step by step and week by week, her body began to let loose the pounds she gained unnecessarily. Once her three months cycle completed, she believed that her overall experience with PhenQ was a success. Not only it played its role in budging the needle quite ideally, but achieve her lost confidence with absolute safety.

Her story narrates as:

Hey, it’s Adrianne, a financial analyst by profession. Honestly, I have always had a healthy weight but things pretty much turned upside down after the Covid related conditions worsened in Florida. I remember how happy I was to work from home as I would mostly return home frustrated from my job. I was happy, giving myself enough time and pampering my skin (which is something I always wanted to do).

 So things were going pretty cool, except for the major drop I started to notice in my energy levels. I could actually feel myself becoming lazier and lazier and involving in binge eating. Well, that’s something- I have never done before. Sit and eat, sit and eat. And honestly, it was fun only if my weight could stay stagnant.

From 57kgs before the lockdown period, it jumped to 63 kgs and then to 73 kgs in months. Yes, a whopping gain of 36 pounds in total was not a joke. But considering my lifestyle activities, I wasn’t much surprised. Moreover, I was not sleeping on my routine time and would mostly watch movies and chill at night. In short, I was a total mess. 

Now I wasn’t really concerned or motivated enough to do something about it. Even though I knew that a problem like this provokes health complications, I was going with the flow.  So one fine day my long-distance boyfriend ‘pushed’ me to meet.

Of course, I was scared to death as he had no idea about my current shape. Even though I was sending him my pictures back-to-back, I would camouflage it and look my best.  After requesting him to give me some time, I decided on a change at this point. I called one of my closest friends who also works as a part-time fitness instructor and sought her help. She forwarded me a home-based workout, a low-carb diet chart, and PhenQ to follow!

In general, I was not in favor of PhenQ or any diet pill for that matter. I have heard stories where people have suffered side effects or no positive effects at all.  But my friend was certain. She asked me to ‘Google’ the feedback and check if it actually causes side effects.

Strange enough, it was one of the most endorsed diet pills to use for safe weight loss. Long story short, I ordered PhenQ then and there! Now following the diet was okay but training was the toughest part of my program. Yet, things got on routine in the end.  

With PhenQ, it was two pills a day that I was taking on time. A week passed and so did the second. By the time my third week started, it was then I started to notice a slight difference.   Initially, I felt more active and motivated as I no longer find myself in that constant state of laziness.

Secondly, I felt a better control on my appetite that would only sought high-calorie foods a few weeks back.

Thirdly and importantly- was the weight loss results. By the end of the first four weeks, I dropped a definite 9 pounds. Since then, I became unstoppable!

As I reached the end of the second month, my results were comparatively higher with a straight loss of 11 pounds. In the last month of my first cycle with PhenQ, I lost another 9 pounds that accumulatively makes 29 pounds in total. Indeed, this was the result I was hoping for and PhenQ (along with my planned eating, workout, and timely sleeping efforts) hit the nail on the head!

So it is definitely a game-changer for me or anyone in a similar situation like me. For energy to weigh and to your ultimate confidence, it was that needed jack!

PhenQ is a key to natural weight loss. It is a blend of some thoroughly researched ingredients that curb the appetite and rev up metabolic activities. Essentially, the effects of PhenQ are generally compared to Phentermine which is a proven appetite suppressant for dieters. However, since the former puts an all-organic formula on the desk, it turns out to be way safer for use.


The over-the-counter diet pill is accessible for everyone. It can be purchased and used by anyone who is struggling to lose or maintain weight.

Contrary to other weight loss formulas, it is not a proprietary blend. It is a pure, natural, high-quality mix of ingredients that is clearly revealed to the dieters. A few of these are:

  • Capsicum extract: Also known as chili or red pepper, the agent promotes thermogenesis that encourages the body to burn a higher degree of fats. In addition to reducing fat levels, it also restricts appetite for you to reach your weight loss goal
  • Caffeine: Caffeine elevates your motivational level by heightening up your energy levels, focus, and alertness. Not only that, it controls the appetite and activates thermogenesis
  • Niacin: It facilitates the making of energy through the food we take. When the food transforms into energy, the body is discouraged to have fat reservoirs
  • Piperine: Taken from black pepper, the agent plays a major role in inducing thermogenesis for the breakdown of fats.
  • Chromium picolinate: Extracted from dietary sources, the mineral stabilizes blood sugar by controlling the urge for carbs and sugars.


The research-based evidence on the ingredients of PhenQ is solid, which further substantiates its fat loss and appetite suppressing claims. For example:

  • A report presented in 2014 stated that capsicum promoted the feeling of satiety in participants that took it with their meals. These individuals did not experience a major urge for food and were able to take fewer calories
  • As per research by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers, caffeine holds the power to lower fat levels by 4%
  • According to research, piperine inhibits the development of new fat cells along with raising the levels of good cholesterol.

Keeping the scientific facts and general feedbacks on PhenQ in mind, one can testify to the value it brings. However, despite being a great weight loss aid, the need for a healthy lifestyle does not negate.


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