Photo of a deeply unappetizing dish served up on Trump’s Air Force One goes viral

Even Presidential plane food is bad! Photo of a deeply unappetizing-looking dish served on Donald Trump’s Air Force One goes viral

  • A photo of a meal served to journalists travelling on Air Force One has gone viral 
  • Snap shows an innocuous stuffed bell pepper with a Halloween face – but it is the unidentified object on a side-plate behind it that has caused a storm  
  • Beige-looking dish has sparked jokes galore, with some suggesting the President himself would not eat it 

The catering staff on President Trump’s Air Force One are clearly getting in the Halloween mood.

However, while journalists in the press pool travelling on the presidential jet might have smirked at the spooky pumpkin design on a yellow bell pepper, that was far from the scariest thing being served up. 

After an image was shared by CNN Senior Diplomatic Correspondent Michelle Kosinski showing the mealtime tray, many were left perplexed by an unidentified dish served up on a side plate to the top left of the photo.   


The tweet shared by shared by CNN Senior Diplomatic Correspondent Michelle Kosinski shows a bell pepper masquerading as a pumpkin in a dish served to journalists on Air Force One, the presidential jet…but it was the unknown dish on a side plate in the top right hand corner of the photo that grabbed people’s attention

Dessert, chicken...or something more sinister? A close-up of the apparently glazed side dish that accompanied the Halloween bell pepper dish on the presidential jet

Dessert, chicken…or something more sinister? A close-up of the apparently glazed side dish that accompanied the Halloween bell pepper dish on the presidential jet

Kosinski wrote: ‘Yes, it could be the next big internet mystery: is it chicken n gravy, or scone n frosting? Is it black and pink, or yellow and white? A trick, or treat? America demands answers.’

The photo shows a rather innocuous main dish of a stuffed yellow bell pepper with a face etched on it, served on a bed of green salad with roasted cherry tomatoes.

In the background is a hard-to-identify side dish or dessert which people have suggested could be bread or dessert. What is certain is that no-one is certain. 

The presidential jet can provide 100 meals in one sitting and has capacity for 3,000 frozen meals held in five chillers. It’s unclear whether Mr Trump was actually served the same meal that the journalists on board received. 


Commissioned by Ronald Reagan, the Boeing 747-200s entered service in 1990 and have carried presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. 

They will fly the winner of the 2020 election.  

Any U.S. Air Force aircraft that is transporting the president has the call sign Air Force One when the president is on board, but the presidents’ most normal transport since 1990 has been the 747-200s, known as VC-25s to the Air Force.

The two VC-25s will be replaced by 2024 with converted Boeing 747-800s which are larger and can fly longer distances.

But Trump has made the next generation of Air Force One controversial by abandoning the livery first used by John F. Kennedy and associated with his wife Jackie, in favor of a red white and blue design which critics said made it look like his ‘Trump Force One.’



Top Speed: 0.85 Mach – 644.5mph

Range: 6,375 nautical miles – equivalent of Washington D.C. to Tokyo – but uniquely for a 747, can also be refueled in flight 

Wingspan: 95ft 8in 

Length: 31ft 10in 

Maximum load at take-off: 833,000lbs – 427.5 tons 

What’s onboard: In-flight refueling; self-contained baggage loader; two galleys providing 100 meals in one sitting; capacity for 3,000 frozen meals held in five chillers; conference / executive dining room; self-contained office for president; sitting area which converts into bedroom for president and first lady; on-board hospital; offices for staff; crew rest area; business-class style cabin for reporters. 

Comments on exactly what the beige-coloured object might be have come thick and fast, with some quipping it might be a ‘human heart’ or ‘Trump’s left ventricle’.

@enaidhtims added: ‘What’s the thing in upper left corner? Is that a frozen sloth head or a roll of some kind?’

A more sensible @meralee727 edged her bets, saying: ‘I thought it was chicken or like a cinnamon roll thing?’ 

It wasn’t long before a little editing came into play either, with many turning the bright yellow bell pepper into a Trump-lookalike, adding his trademark side-swiped hair.