Piers Morgan mocks Jeremy Corbyn supporters after #CorbynWasRight becomes number one trend

Piers Morgan has mocked supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after #CorbynWasRight became the number one trend on Twitter. 

Thousands of fans of the Labour leader took to the social media site to defend him, drawing anger and frustration from his critics. 

The Good Morning Britain host led the bemusement, tweeting: ‘So #CorbynWasRight is Britain’s current No1 trend. Good old Twitter, always 100% wrong about absolutely everything.’

It comes after Mr Corbyn faced a barrage of criticism for Labour’s heavy election defeat last week. 

Today, his supporters defended him on Twitter, posting glowing tributes. 

Supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (pictured outside his home today) have made #CorbynWasRight the number one trend on Twitter

Piers Morgan led the condemnation of the trend, adding that it proved Twitter 'was always wrong'

Piers Morgan led the condemnation of the trend, adding that it proved Twitter ‘was always wrong’

One wrote: ‘When this is all a messy memory, history will remember #CorbynWasRight.’

Another said: ‘#CorbynWasRight when he said the Tories are pursuing the entire privatisation of our NHS, he was right when he said there’s widespread grotesque levels of Poverty & Homelessness in Britain, he’s been right about everything he’s ever said! Tories, MSM, Press & Blairites to blame!’

While a third added: ‘I stand with@jeremycorbyn!!! You people attacking him, my own @ukLabour included, do not speak for me!

‘If you’d have backed our leader, instead of undermining him, we wouldn’t be living in racist @Conservatives hell.

‘Shame on all of you! #CorbynWasRight and always is!’

However, several others, led by Mr Morgan, mocked the trend, slamming Mr Corbyn’s supporters.

One wrote: ‘#CorbynWasRight if he was right why was he wrong on GE19, Venezuela, USSR, socialism, anti-Semitism, economy, etc etc. People are going on like he is a god. It’s death cult with blinkered people talking in an echo chamber.’

Another said: ‘#CorbynWasRight He changed Labour from a party of 270 MPs that had lost twice and been out of power for five years into one of 200 MPs that has lost four times, will be out of power for fourteen years and is being investigated for antisemitism by the EHRC.’

The Labour leader, who is expected to remain in charge until March, has faced heavy criticism following the election defeat to the Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. 

Labour MPs vented their fury at him last night in a volcanic Commons meeting, placing blame for their election humiliation on him and his ‘economically illiterate’ manifesto.

Mary Creagh, the former Labour MP for Wakefield, also collared Mr Corbyn outside Parliament, blasting him for his election performance and telling him to stand down immediately, while adding that every day he stays as leader is damaging to the party.  

Last night was the first time Mr Corbyn had faced his 202 remaining MPs since their crushing defeat by Boris Johnson’s Tories and they tore him to shreds in a fiery meeting. 

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves told Mr Corbyn that he was to blame for the election humiliation, describing his manifesto as ‘economically illiterate’ and saying the party needed radical change and a leader that ‘actually wants to win’.

Rebellious MPs also dismissed Mr Corbyn’s claims that the defeat – the party’s worst since 1935 – was down to Brexit and media hostility.

Mr Corbyn apologised to the fractious meeting, but failed to win them over, with veteran critic Dame Margaret Hodge describing the meeting as ‘on the whole it was fury, despair, miserable’.

Tony Blair also spoke of the election result this morning, saying: ‘Labour needs not just a different driver, but a different bus.

‘This election was no ordinary defeat for Labour. It marks a moment in history. The choice for Labour is to renew itself as the serious, progressive, non-Conservative competitor for power in British politics – or retreat from such an ambition, in which case over time it will be replaced.’

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