Piers Morgan slams Pep Guardiola for ‘whining’ after Man City boss ‘ furious rant over scheduling of FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea

  • Piers Morgan has taken to social media to slam Pep Guardiola 
  • After the FA Cup semi-final, the Man City boss slammed the fixture scheduling 
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Piers Morgan has taken to social media to slam Pep Guardiola following the Man City boss’ live rant on BBC.

Immediately after beating Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final, Guardiola was interviewed by Gary Lineker on the Wembley pitch.

The Spaniard launched into a lengthy rant discussing the scheduling of the fixture which came just days after Man City played 120 minutes against Real Madrid.

While many have sympathised with Guardiola, whose side played 24 hours before Man United vs Coventry, he has also been criticised by some.

One of these is Morgan, a famous Arsenal fan, who slammed Guardiola and accused him of whining.

Pep Guardiola launched into a lengthy post-match rant after beating Chelsea on Saturday

Piers Morgan has taken to social media to slam Guardiola's comments

Piers Morgan has taken to social media to slam Guardiola’s comments

‘Oh cry me a bloody river, Pep…’ began Morgan.

‘You’ve got two world class players in every position, paid by your Middle Eastern gazillions, yet you’re whining about too many games.’

The rant in which Morgan was referring to saw Guardiola suggest that the scheduling of the match risked the health of his Man City stars.

‘It’s unacceptable,’ the City boss said. ‘Because I’ve won I have the courage to tell you. For the health of the players, it’s not normal. I don’t understand how we survived today. 

‘Why play today and not tomorrow, when Coventry, Chelsea, and United didn’t play in the midweek? 

‘Why not have one more day for the health of the players? Tell me how you prepare this final against Chelsea in the best moment of the season. How? It’s impossible. There’s no chance.’ 

Morgan’s side, Arsenal, are currently top of the Premier League. They beat Wolves 2-0 at the weekend to leapfrog Man City, who have a game in hand.

City’s focus is now solely on the Premier League, having been knocked out of the Champions League and made it to the FA Cup final.

Liverpool, like Arsenal, will be hoping that the reigning Champions slip up along the way but as it stands Guardiola’s side are firm favourites to retain their title.

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