PIERS MORGAN: Trevor Noah’s confirms himself as a racist, sexist pig

Trevor Noah isn’t very funny.

That much is painfully obvious to anyone who watches his lame Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Of course, it’s not his fault that that his predecessor Jon Stewart was arguably the funniest, sharpest and most brilliant host in US television history.

But Noah can barely scale the dizzy heights of being as tenth as amusing as Stewart.

Trevor Noah isn’t very funny, which is obvious to anyone who watches his Daily Show. It’s not his fault that that predecessor Jon Stewart was arguably the funniest, sharpest, most brilliant host in US tv history. The one thing he DOES do better than Stewart is self-righteousness

What he DOES do better than anyone else, including Stewart, is self-righteousness.

Not a day goes by when Mr Noah, a black South African, isn’t preaching to us from his politically correct pulpit, particularly when it comes to racism and equality.

Which makes it all the more extraordinary to discover that he doesn’t actually practice what he preaches.

Footage has surfaced from Noah’s stand-up show in 2013 that features him saying quite disgracefully racist and sexist comments about Aboriginal women, who form part of the historically oppressed indigenous people of Australia.

Noah tells his audience: ‘All women of every race can be beautiful. And I know some of you are sitting there going, “Oh Trevor, yeah, but I’ve never seen a beautiful Aborigine”. Yeah, but you know what they say? You say “yet”, that’s what you say; “yet”. Because you haven’t seen all of them, right? Plus it’s not always about looks, maybe Aboriginal women do special things, maybe they’ll just like, jump on top of you!’ Noah then imitated the sound of a didgeridoo (An Aboriginal wind musical instrument) while inferring oral sex.

As soon as the old video emerged, Noah was bombarded with people on Twitter calling him out on these staggeringly offensive remarks.

Many of them were appalled Aboriginal women, but he ignored them and chose instead to respond to a man named Joe Williams who said: ‘Your comments are utterly unacceptable! As a man of colour, you are usually on point with racism and divide – here you are perpetrating and encouraging racial abuse!’

Noah replied: ‘You’re right. After visiting Australia’s Bunjilaka museum and learning about aboriginal history, I vowed never to make a joke like that again. And I haven’t. I’ll make sure the clip from 2013 is not promoted in any way.’

Sorry, WHAT?

Or rather, where was the ‘Sorry’?

Rather than just accept what he’d said was obviously outrageous and offer a fulsome unequivocal apology to all Aboriginal women, Noah claimed he had to go a museum to understand why it was so bad.

Where is the ¿Sorry¿? Rather than accept what he¿d said was obviously outrageous and offer a fulsome unequivocal apology, Noah claimed he had to go a museum to understand it was  bad

Where is the ‘Sorry’? Rather than accept what he’d said was obviously outrageous and offer a fulsome unequivocal apology, Noah claimed he had to go a museum to understand it was  bad

Can you imagine how he would react on his show if Donald Trump – Noah’s favourite target – had said that to explain one of his more inflammatory remarks? ‘Oh, it was only when I went to a museum about Mexican history that I learned why inferring they’re a bunch of rapists might be offensive.’

Noah would have rightly ripped Trump to pieces.

It’s like saying you only understood the true horror of the Holocaust once you visited Anne Frank House.

Noah has been very quick to condemn others for thoughtless racist remarks, even when they were intended as a ‘joke’.

When Roseanne Barr recently blew her resurgent career by tweeting that former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett looked like an ape, Noah led the charge in condemning her.

He called it ‘sh*t your pants racism, explaining: ‘It’s so obviously bad. Everyone can smell it, everyone can see it, noone wants to see you clean it up.’

Naturally, Noah then directly blamed the President for what Roseanne had said.

‘Roseanne’s show was cancelled because she tweeted out racist stuff,’ said Noah. ‘You know who I blame for this? Donald Trump, that’s who. Because he makes all of his supporters think they’re as impervious as he is. Yeah, he’s just like, ‘Come on everyone, you can tweet whatever you want! Nothing happens!’


Nobody knows more about this attitude of mind than Noah himself.

He himself has been brazenly anti-Semitic on Twitter, once saying that ‘behind every successful Rap Billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man.’

He ‘joked’ about footballer Lionel Messi: ‘Messi gets the ball and the real players try foul him, but Messi doesn’t go down easy, just like Jewish chicks.’

And he tweeted this: ‘Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn’t look b4 crossing but I still would have felt so bad in my German car’.’

Noah’s been almost as grotesque about women.

‘Oh yeah, the weekend,’ he once tweeted. ‘People are gonna get drunk and think that “I’m sexy” – fat chicks everywhere.’

In 2011, he posted this: ‘Chris Brown’s FAME album is No1 on iTunes. Rihanna is cancelling shows due to poor sales. I guess he beat her again.’ He added a smiley emoji in case it wasn’t immediately obvious it was a ‘joke’.

He likes using domestic violence for his humour.

In 2011, he posted this, showing he likes using domestic violence for his humour

In 2011, he posted this, showing he likes using domestic violence for his humour

‘Originally when men proposed they went down on one knee,’ he also tweeted, ‘so if the woman said no they were in the perfect uppercut position.’

When all this ugly stuff blew up in his face after he landed the Daily Show gig, Noah said: ‘To reduce my view to a handful of jokes that didn’t land is not a reflection of my true character, nor my evolution as a comedian.’

I see. So a rather different joke tolerance bar for himself then than the one he was prepared to give Roseanne Barr?

Arguably, his comments about Aboriginal women are worse than anything Barr said because this wasn’t a hurried late night tweet that Noah sent after taking an Ambien as she claimed to have done.

This was a carefully prepared part of his stand-up show.

He’d scripted this ‘joke’, crafting it for maximum impact.

In other words, he knew exactly what he was doing.

Chelsea Bond, an Aboriginal academic and radio host, posted a series of tweets in response to this furore that explain the offence Noah’s ‘joke’ caused far better than I ever could.

‘My first response was to not believe it was true,’ she said. ‘But alas it was true. He had said those things. And he didn’t apologise. From a guy who routinely makes sophisticated observations about race and whiteness in a humorous way, I was left dumbfounded. I mean, in no other context would he even accept a response like the one he provided. So why was this good enough for us? His stand-up routine in which we were the joke – in all supposed ugliness – did not just hurt our feelings. It reminded us that we are not even seen as human, not seen as beautiful and not seen at all. Not even by a ‘brother’.

Bond then recalled a time Noah appeared on The View to discuss the strength of his mother and black women generally.

‘He observed that black women realise we are at the very bottom. He described his mother, “she is fearless and she is brave and she is everything”. Yeah, Trevor, just like your momma, so are Aboriginal women. We are not just at the bottom in our own lands, but even within a global black imagining we too are at the bottom. Aboriginal women do not need your validation, admiration or love. But you have a following, a platform of opportunities, that have long been unavailable to Aboriginal women in this country. Be better brother.’


In 2013, around the time Trevor Noah was so disgracefully abusing Aboriginal women on stage, he tweeted this: ‘When flying over the middle of America the turbulence is so bad, it’s like all the ignorance is rising through the air.’

This attitude was right up there with the shockingly elitist ‘basket of deplorables’ claptrap Hillary Clinton spewed so unsuccessfully in her election campaign.

Noah has now proven himself to be just as ignorant as he claims half of America to be.

He’s also a shameless hypocrite, and worse that: a fraud.

A man who says all Aboriginal women are ugly is not a man we should ever endure lecturing us on racism or gender equality ever again.

And this time, Noah can’t even blame Donald Trump. 

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