Pink Floyd engineer ’embarrassed’ over wife’s child abuse

Susan Wynne-Willson, 69, is accused of assaulting her children Rosa and Daniel

Pink Floyd’s engineer was embarrassed about  his wife’s 14 years of child abuse to their three children which included stuffing soiled underwear in their mouths, a court heard.

Susan Wynne-Willson, 69, is accused of biting, punching and kicking children Rosa, Poppy and Daniel while they were living in a dirty London squat and later in a £700,000 mansion flat.

Her son was so terrified by the extent of the violence he dreamed about hiring a hitman to kill her, a jury heard. 

The mother-of-five is accused of holding her adopted son Daniel’s head underwater to stop him crying hysterically when she beat him up.

Her husband, lighting engineer Peter Wynne-Willson who once lived in a squat with legendary Floyd founder Syd Barrett, was ‘a mess’ but felt embarrassed and guilty about the daily abuse his children faced, Blackfriars Crown Court was told.

Rosa, now 42, referred to her father’s interview with police in court today and said: ‘It was about time he stepped up and did something about it and had some back bone.

‘I was worried about him whitewashing it.

‘I think my father is embarrassed and feeling guilty, I said (to police) please make sure that you get my dad to tell the truth.’  

Peter, now 71, split from Susan shortly before she moved from an idyllic life in their stately home in Yorkshire to a squat in Kentish Town, north London

Wynne-Willson is alleged to have abused her two children for nearly 15 years between 1979 and 1993 including throwing items at them, wrapping them in urine soaked bedsheets and stuffing soiled underwear into her son’s mouth.

The court heard Rosa Aguelo de Guero and her brother Daniel reported the allegations to authorities in 2015.

The abuse against the two children until Rosa, aged 14, moved away from home.

Rosa, now 42, claims the attacks started shortly before they moved fro their idyllic life in North Yorkshire where they owned two horses.

She said: ‘People like her get away with abuse and killing little children an raping little children and getting away with it.

‘Hopefully people like her will not get away with this stuff as often as they do.’ 

During a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, prosecutor Scott Brady said Daniel would soil himself and would be scared as Wynne-Wilson would call him 'disgusting' before rubbing faeces into his mouth

During a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, prosecutor Scott Brady said Daniel would soil himself and would be scared as Wynne-Wilson would call him ‘disgusting’ before rubbing faeces into his mouth

Daniel Wynn-Willson, who is now an assistant headteacher at Uckfield Community Technology College in Sussex, said in a recorded statement played to the jury: ‘It was just throughout my childhood.

‘My first memories are of living in this cycle of abuse, it was a daily thing going on.

‘My earliest memories are of just living in this cloud of abuse, I never remember why the abuse started, i’m talking about hitting, slapping, kicking and verbal abuse.

‘Whenever i was crying because i had been punched or kicked from the age of five to stop me from crying so hysterically she would hold my head underwater in our bathroom sink or in the bath itself.

‘To try and stop me screaming she used to stuff socks and pants right into my mouth, I remember she shoved my soiled pants into my mouth as well.

‘Those sorts of things must have happened between five and 11 when I could not defend myself.

‘She threw a screwdriver at me once, I was constantly trying to block things being thrown at me.

‘She used to shout about my dad at me, about what an a***hole he was how useless he was and she would shout about my sisters.

‘It was like growing up in hell, I used to think about saving up so I could get her killed, I knew I had to survive the rest of my time here at home.

‘She was absolutely insane, I cannot describe how insane how insane she is.

‘I would hope that my was was there but he would always leave for work early, if he was there it would be the end of the abuse.

‘My dad is the most laid back person in the world.

‘When he came in, he is a lovely guy, we would be the victim, he would get the end of the verbal abuse.

‘I would always get a hug off my dad when he came in but he was never really there but I know Rosa blames him.

‘He is not what I would say is a good dad, he is a bit of a mess.’

Claudia Herbert, a clinical psychologist who treated Rosa, said: ‘My first meeting with Rosa was on September 14, 2012.

‘During this time Rosa spoke of having to cover up her story and the abusive events that had happened to her in her life and had to lie to teachers, nurses in the hospital and to everyone about the fact that something was wrong in the family home.

‘She remembers being about five-years-old when her mum first hit her, this was in response to her finding out she had saved up some money and had planned to run away with her friend.’

After moving to the squat and later to a house she added: ‘The children all wet the bed and Rosa was struggling to sleep.

‘The bed wetting seemed to be a condition of something that had begun when they lived in the squat.

‘Rosa stated that her mother had been kicking, biting them as punishment for wetting the sheets but this was something she would also do on other occasions.

‘Rosa said she also felt responsible for the younger children.

‘They tried to eat plastic beads whilst sitting on the floor because they wanted to kill themselves and they believed that this would help them die.

‘She witnessed her mum biting Dan so badly that she would poo herself and recalled that her mother would rub faeces in Dan’s face.

‘Her dad moved back into the family home but was not around when her mum abused the children.

‘On one occasion she said her mum had bitten Poppy but he could not cope and left for work.

‘She also reported that although she loved school sports she would have to lie to the teachers as to why she could not take part due to bruises on her body.’

Wynne-Willson denies five counts of child cruelty and three counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The trial continues.


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