Plan Family Vacations With A Scratch Map By Newverest

Getting ready for a family vacation? Plan out your adventures ahead of time with a scratch off travel map by Newverest. This amazing team of adventurers specializes in inspiring people to get off the couch and explore new places to see what you might discover. Every scratch map by Newverest gets you one step closer to your next great adventure.

Newverest sells a scratch map for both the USA and the entire World. Which map you choose depends on what sort of vacations your family likes to take. Both kinds of scratch off map are beautifully designed and easy to read. The USA scratch map clearly outlines all 50 states and their capitals, while the World scratch off map outlines every continent and their countries.

There are also kids’ editions of both maps, and the USA scratch maps are available in deluxe editions as well. Each kids’ scratch off map comes with 50 adorable animal cards that spark your children’s excitement and sense of wonder. They’ll want to know all about the places they have yet to visit and see the animals in person.

Using any Newverest scratch map is easy. Just scratch off the outer layer to the places you’ve already visited, and look at your scratch off map to see which places your family might like to visit next. You can always mark the places that your family is inspired to see with the included pushpins. There are so many wonders waiting for you and your family around the world. The good news is that every Newverest scratch map will actually help you plan your travels so that you can see them all.

Almost every Newverest scratch map comes with a bucket list to help you plan out must-see places for your family. See how many you can mark off in the next year or two. It’s like a built-in vacation plan. You can also make your own bucket lists. Have your kids make their own as well and compare them to yours. Are you inspired to see the same places? You can always have more than one scratch off travel map. Newverest keeps the prices reasonable so that you can have both the World and USA scratch map hanging on your wall. Or maybe you want a deluxe edition and a kids’ edition.

So what kind of scratch off travel map sounds like the one for your family? Where would you like to vacation next? Once you get back, remember to mark your latest journey on your scratch off map so that your memories won’t fade away. You’ll have them forever, and you’ll be excited to plan your next family trip.