Planning Your First Hike: Helpful Recommendations

Hiking is one of the evergreen entertainments that cost you almost nothing but charge you with energy and happiness for the whole year. With the proper equipment and professional recommendations, you can plan your adventure to go smoothly and fun. You can find more advice on the WillPowerPeak website.

You can hike with your soulmate, friends, or kids. I don’t recommend hiking alone if you are new to this type of activity. You can share happy memories with others while exploring new places. Newcomers are mainly worried about the complexity of hiking, their own physical shape, and the equipment they have to gather. With the proper information, you will feel more secure.

Top Advice for Beginners

Hiking improves your health, trains your discipline, and makes you prepared for everything unexpected. All you need for your journey is a positive attitude and proper tools. There are few things that are necessary for your backpack.

Packing up the backpack

Before you start packing, make sure you have a reliable backpack. Pay attention to whether it is waterproof and made of high-quality materials. It must be big enough for all your goods. If you worry about forgetting anything, make a list:

  • Tools for navigation. It can be a map, GPS, or a compass. You can take all of it. They are extremely important in your trip. Take a mobile power bank that works from solar energy with you.
  • You can easily survive for days without enough food but not without water. You have to remind yourself to drink if you still don’t have this habit.
  • The best food during the hiking trip is the one that is already cooked or does not require cooking at all. It must be simple to carry in your backpack. Take some snacks so that you can charge the energy during the trip.
  • Extra clothes. Even if your backpack is waterproof, you are not. And you definitely don’t want to carry an umbrella while hiking. The best option is to pack a raincoat. If you are going for a several days’ hike, make sure you have a sweater and extra socks. The higher you go, the colder will be there.
  • Safety kit. In case you face an unpredictable situation, you should be able to call for help. A firestarter, whistle, and flashlight must be in your backpack.
  • First aid kit. Don’t forget your pills if you are taking some. You have to put bandages, gauze pads, antibiotics, tape, and everything for blister treatment. Take pills from stomach pain and headache. Don’t forget about bug sprays and toiletries as well.
  • Knife or multi-purpose tool. A knife is incredibly helpful in such adventures. You may need to open the can or cut something.
  • Sun protection. Wear sunglasses and use sunscreen to protect your skin. You are going to hike outdoors, so you need this protection.

Proper clothes

You have to wear it appropriately to be able to focus on the route instead of your sore feet. Depending on the area you want to explore, the clothes can vary. For example, you shouldn’t wear winter pants going to the desert, but you can wear them while hiking in the mountains. No matter where you go, your outfit should be comfortable, light, and specifically designed for such activities.

Successful Hiking for the First Time

There is nothing complicated about hiking. You will learn everything after your first trip. I still recommend you invite an experienced hiker with you for your first journey. Pack your backpack in advance, sleep well before the adventure, and eat food rich in protein. Leave all your worries behind and enjoy the process, admiring the beautiful sights around you. Make sure your phone is charged before leaving the house.