P&O cruise: Why Aussie nurse Corrine McIvor will never take a cruise holiday again after a frustrating problem ruined the experience and left her hundreds of dollars out of pocket

A cruise ship passenger has vowed to avoid P&O cruises after she claims she was exposed to bed bugs in her cabin which ruined her holiday. 

Corrine McIvor, 39, sailed out from Brisbane on the week-long cruise to various Pacific Islands earlier this month. 

But after spending a few nights in her cabin, the nurse said she developed itching and bumps on her neck, chest and legs that prompted her to visit the ship’s doctor who apologised and told her they were ‘classic’ bed bug bites. 

Ms McIvor said she asked the doctor if she had seen this on the ship before and the doctor told her ‘yeah’.

‘The bed bugs totally ruined the cruise because of the anxiety,’ Ms McIvor told Yahoo News.

Corrine McIvor said she was mortified when the doctor on her cruise ship said she had been bitten by bed bugs

The room on the P&O cruise was cleaned and inspected by staff

The room on the P&O cruise was cleaned and inspected by staff

Ms McIvor said she was at first impressed with how the ship’s staff handled the situation by instructing her to visit the doctor and waiving the $150 consultation fee.

But she said things soon turned sour.

She was told to return to her cabin where staff would collect her clothes and other items and sanitise them.

One staff member was careful to stand at the door while they packed their suitcases but another staff member walked into the room, put some of their clothes on the allegedly bug-infested bed then took them to their next room on the opposite side of the ship.

‘That’s how they spread … like wildfire,’ the nurse said.

Ms McIvor and her partner’s clothes were eventually laundered free of charge but she said they were given no instructions on how to avoid spreading the bed bugs to other passengers.

Once they arrived back on shore she said the pair spent hundreds of their own dollars to ensure the bed bugs did not spread into their home.

Ms McIvor said the doctor told her that her bumps were 'classic' bed bug bites

Ms McIvor said the doctor told her that her bumps were ‘classic’ bed bug bites

P&O Cruises said 'just like hotels' they have robust cleaning policies in place (file image)

P&O Cruises said ‘just like hotels’ they have robust cleaning policies in place (file image) 

They got all their clothes professionally dry cleaned and sanitised, discarded their newly bought suitcases which could not be laundered and purchased a steamer.

‘It sounds over the top but this is how it spreads. I’m a public health nurse and I know it’s a public health issue … Passengers have no idea this is going on.’ 

Ms McIvor said she has since reached out to P&O to discuss at least partial compensation for the cruise but she claims the business ‘gaslit’ her by saying the bed bugs were not confirmed and they only waived the doctor’s fee out of ‘goodwill’.

She is furious and has vowed to ‘never’ sail with P&O again. 

A spokesperson for P&O cruises said it has ‘strict and robust health protocols on its cruise ships’.

‘The comfort, health and safety of our guests is of upmost importance to us. Just like hotels, we have rigorous cleaning processes in place to address and resolve any issues that may arise.’

It is understood Ms McIvor’s room was cleaned, an inspection found no bed bugs and there have been no other complaints of them from that room.

Daily Mail Australia approached P&O Cruises for additional comment.

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