Police probing Grenfell Tower reveal could charge people

  • Four flats in the lower levels of Grenfell Tower have allegedly been burgled
  • Scotland Yard is investigating eight people for false claims of compensation 
  • They added they are looking into manslaughter charges for individuals 
  • During a briefing they said the death toll, of 80, may also fall in the future 

Four abandoned Grenfell Tower flats have been burgled and eight people are being probed for ‘falsely claiming compensation’, police have said.

During a briefing today on the progress of the investigation, Scotland Yard revealed they are examining eight cases of alleged fraud as well as possible thefts from flats located on the lower levels of the Tower.

Since the disaster, the Tower, which has 106 flats across 24 floors, has been under 24-hour security. 

Scotland Yard is investigating eight cases of fraud involving people who claimed money and four possible thefts from flats following the Grenfell Tower inferno earlier this year

They added that they may charge individuals as well as corporations with manslaughter following the fire on Wednesday, June 14. 

Yvette Williams, campaign co-ordinator of the Justice4Grenfell group, said: ‘We are pleased that [the investigation] is going in this direction. We’re hoping there will be convictions and individuals will take responsibility of what has happened and, if convicted, they will face prison sentences.

‘We think the individual charges will satisfy the victims’ families, the survivors plus the wider community.

‘Although police are considering the charges, it will be up to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide if those charges will be taken further to prosecution, which could take longer.’ 

Police now believe that the death toll from the June 14 blaze may fall slightly from the current estimate of around 80. 

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