Police return to find a strange surprise on their car roof

  • Amused police officers arrived at their car to find two goats standing on the roof
  • Goats are well known for their ability to jump, and can clear fences six feet high
  •  With the intelligence of a four-year-old child, goats are also clever escape artists

A couple of surprised police officers have butted heads with two stubborn goats who made a home for themselves on the rood of their squad car.

Officers from the Nepean Police Area Command, south-west of Sydney, goat more than they’d bargained for after attending a callout at Llandilo, when they left their four wheel drive parked in the driveway of a rural property. 

While they were gone, Billie and Jean had apparently heard that it was the silly season, and leaped onto the roof of the car to have a cuddle and a chuckle at the amused officers. 

Amused officers from the Nepean Police Area Command goat more than they’d bargained for

Goats are well known for their ability to jump; a quick hop up onto a police car would be no problem – even baby goats are able to clear fences four to six feet high.

With the intelligence of a four-year-old, goats are master escape artists but also enjoy the company and companionship of other goats and animals.

A little family of goats always has an ordered social structure and are known to pick on newcomers until they learn their place – and the police definitely learned who was boss today!

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