Police stop drug dealer’s attempt to dispatch haul of ice, cannabis and ketamine to Schoolies party

Huge haul of ice, cannabis and ketamine headed to a Schoolies party in a red Hyundai car is seized by cops

  • Police stopped a red Hyundai at 1am on Monday in Lorne, Victoria
  • They found a significant amount of ice, cannabis, ketamine and cash 
  • The haul was headed to a schoolies party before the police found it  
  • Driver was taken in for questioning and is waiting to be charged 

A car carrying a large batch of drugs that was headed to a Schoolies party has been stopped by police.  

The haul, which included ice, cannabis, ketamine and a significant amount of cash was found by police in Lorne, Victoria. 

Officers pulled over the driver of the red Hyundai on Charles Street around 1am on Monday after he was acting suspiciously.  

The Victorian police found cannabis, ice, ketamine, cash and took the driver in for questioning Pictured: Police watch over the schoolies crowd in the Gold Coast (stock image) 

A passenger ran from the Hyundai when police stopped the car but the driver remained. 

The driver, a 20-year-old man from Anglesea, was taken to be interviewed by police.  

A Victoria Police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia that the driver is expected to be charged later this afternoon. Police are still looking for the passenger. 

 The discovery was made during day three of schoolies in Victoria. 




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