Poll reveals Trump Hotels is most divisive brand in the US

  • Market research firm Morning Consult has created a list of companies that divide Democrats and Republicans
  • The list of polarized brands is dominated by media companies
  • But the brand that the two sides disagree on the most is Trump Hotels
  • Morning Consult analyzed more than 300,000 surveys for the research

A new graphic released by market research company Morning Consult has revealed which brands Americans find most controversial.

The firm has created a list of the most polarizing companies in the country, chief among them news outlets such as CNN, NBC, Fox, the New York Times and MSNBC.

But number one on the list reflects the highest office in the land: Trump Hotels.

Trump Hotels is the most polarizing brand in America, according to market research firm Morning ConsultĀ 

Media brands dominate the list, but companies from the food and oil industries also make an appearance on it.

Morning Consult released a statement about the research, which said: ‘From award shows to soda commercials, politics is increasingly seeping into most facets of American culture.

‘As a result, brands that were once dutifully neutral have taken bold stands, and others have been involuntarily dragged into controversy.

‘Morning Consult used a wealth of consumer tracking data – 336,370 survey interviews in the last three months – to determine which brands are the most politically divisive.’

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