Posture Issues: Understanding The Problem With Fixing Slouching

Adopting the correct posture is important as it ensures your body is properly supported and it reduces the likelihood of back pain and other issues, such as neck pain. Considering that 16% of Australians suffer from back issues and that the majority will face back pain at some point in their life, it is easy to see why the correct posture is important;

But, of course, you know this, you’ve probably been told off about slouching since you were a child. Slouching isn’t the only sign of poor posture but it is the most noticeable and the first one that people tend to think of.

Pull Your Shoulders Back

If you have ever been told off for slouching there is a good chance you’ve been told to pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out. Unfortunately, this isn’t good advice.

The simple truth is that pulling your shoulders back and sticking your chest out stops you from slouching but it is no better for your back. Do this every day and you are still likely to end up with poor posture and the associated issues.

How You Develop Poor Posture

The main cause of poor posture is a result of how you sit. Whether you sit at a computer all day with your head bent down or if you sit in front of the game console slumped into the couch, the result is the same. Your neck, head, and shoulders all get locked into the slump position.

That’s when you start looking at different positions to hold your shoulders in to correct the ache. Of course, holding them in a different position is unnatural and uncomfortable. That places strain on your body.

Dealing With Poor Posture the Right Way

If you want to eliminate poor posture for good then you need to start by seeing a reputable physiotherapist Concord who will assess your posture and identify the best exercises to help you improve your posture over time.

They will ensure you are doing the exercises properly and you will quickly notice the difference.

However, this must be done in conjunction with a simple lifestyle change. Instead of sitting all day at your computer, learn to take breaks and shift your focus. Just by staring into the distance, you’ll find that your posture starts to correct. Equally, you can create more than one workspace as this changes the position of your body and reduces poor posture.

Another viable option is moving around. If you simply stop once an hour and move around the space or do some simple exercise, your focus is elsewhere and your posture will be normal.

That’s the key, normal or good posture is a comfortable position, not a forced one. You simply need to change your focus periodically to find your normal.

If you need extra help then reset your posture by lying on your back on the floor with your feet flat and knees in the air. It eases tension and works with the exercises from your physiotherapist and more movement by you to eliminate poor posture of all types.