Preparing a Presentation for a Business Project – Make It Exciting not Boring

Good presentation skill life is really important in creating a positive impact in the workplace. Knowing the right tools for an effective presentation for a business proposal to allure the investors, is definitely something you thrive for. When your brand has been working on its toes to launch a new product in the market without the actual production in place, the mockups come into play.

Imagine yourself in this situation followed by an urgent need to show investors more than performance and demographics study in your presentation to make it exciting. This is where branding mockups by Mockup Cloud will help you demonstrate the impeccable professional mockups of your product in your presentation.

What goes into an exciting presentation

Besides design and mockups, there goes a lot more to achieve an exciting business project presentation like technical data, interesting facts, and of course, a personal style. You will be amused to know that humans store and remember the memory as an audio-visual experience.

Hence you need to keep your voice effective and in synchronization with your visual slides. Public speaking to some comes naturally while others have to face it till they become comfortable. In both scenarios, the key to best engagement is to always prepare well. Let’s understand the path for preparing a presentation for a business venture, that is exciting, not boring.

1. Break the ice and introduce the topic

The most effective salesman on this planet breaks the wall between him and his spectators. You can do it by engaging with the people and letting them see your human side to feel the connection with you. Just before starting your introduction, you can break the ice with a shocking statement, joke, anecdote, or any other curious emotion.

Since now you have their attention, give them brief indexing on what you are going to present so that the audience anticipates your next move.

2. Keep it crisp

Mies van der Rohe’s quotation ‘Less is More’ makes a lot of sense in three words. Apply it in your presentation because extremely long wandering discourses in your slides will lose the crowd pretty right off the bat. From that point forward, it’s simply a long-term hardship for a couple of endearing audience members. Eliminate all the unnecessary details and keep it short and crisp. You can do so by following:

  • Keep the slides less in presentation and more speaking points in mind
  • Dispose unessential information
  • Keep the texts less and images more
  • Focus on an important word rather than preparing a series of bullet points

3. Engage visually

Remember the audio-visual memory of humans, exactly! While making the presentation, go through several times to realize how the emotions are displayed through the slides, images, and effects you have chosen.

If you are saying there were 27 million tons of plastic in the US landfills in 2018, you should display an image to disgust the audience in an attempt to discourage plastic usage. Here are more ways to visually engage:

  • Personalize the images by adding notes or arrow to point to the exact detail you chose that image from the internet
  • Link to the external video source and valid documents to support your information
  • Always chose sans-serif fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Calibri when you have to digitally present because it provides more clarity than serif ones
  • Use animations wisely rather not to distract the audience


You just learned the tools to deliver an exciting business proposal, but it doesn’t end here because the ending is the final emotion at which you’ll leave the spectators. Yes, keep in mind that the ending is the most important part of your presentation. Deliver the last slide and final words like the last shot of the greatest movie you have ever seen.

People should carry this final audio-visual emotion they felt while watching you present. Now you have learned the route of turning a boring presentation into an exciting one.