Preparing for a Divorce

Ending a marriage is painful, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Divorce is becoming more and more common, especially in the United States, but trying to understand why is not easy. A lack of commitment seems to be the main culprit, with infidelity and incompatibility coming in second and third place.

Whatever the reason may be, going through this process is incredibly stressful, as you’ll face emotional trauma along with many legal issues. Property division, child custody, and all the paperwork that comes with a divorce is not easy to handle, and it will take some time for things to settle.

How to Make Everything Easier?

It should be obvious by now that divorce is complicated and there’s no way around this fact, but there are steps you can take that will make it less overwhelming for yourself and everyone else involved. There’s no universal guide as every divorce is different, but following these recommendations will at least allow you to be prepared.

Hiring a Lawyer

Everybody knows that divorcing is an expensive process, but trying to save money by representing yourself is a huge mistake. There’s no law that forbids you from filing your own divorce paperwork, but is it really worth it? You’ll have to spend a lot of time researching your state’s laws, gathering documentation and evidence, and deal with a judge while you’re still emotionally hurting.

This is really difficult even if you and your partner have already reached an agreement, which is something that’s not guaranteed to happen. Getting in touch with a divorce law firm is your best bet and a smart choice to make, as an attorney will be well aware of long-term consequences that you can easily miss when you represent yourself.

A Clear Picture when Separating Finances

This is the most difficult step, as dividing assets is what causes disagreements and brings former couples in front of a judge. Even if there’s an agreement, you still have to disclose your finances, as the court needs to calculate child support and alimony fairly. Documenting everything so that you can give your attorney a clear picture that he can use to your advantage during your divorce proceeding is a clever move that you shouldn’t underestimate. Remember to also keep track of your partner’s income and spending habits before the entire process starts.

Do Not Move Out

A common reaction for many people who know that a divorce is imminent is to leave the home immediately. This is a huge mistake that can seriously hurt your case and make you lose a lot of money. If children are involved, you may end up seeing them less and in ugly circumstances.

If you represent the primary source of income, you may end up paying for a house and all its utilities when you don’t even live there anymore. Paying for two houses is a huge financial burden that you have to avoid at all costs during a process that’s already expensive. No one can legally force their partner to move out, so remember to stay there until everything is over.

Focus on the Future

A divorce is the end of something big, so it’s obvious that you should focus on the big picture. Everything is going to change, so you need to have your future in mind before anything else. Your priority shouldn’t be to prove a point to your partner or argue about who’s right but to make everything unfold in a painless way for your children and in a cost-effective way for you. Trust your attorney and make the right decisions so you can go on with your life.