Prince Andrew ‘spent three days at Epstein’s ranch with beautiful young woman’

A former housekeeper at Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico has claimed Prince Andrew spent three days at the property where she said he was kept company by a ‘beautiful young neurosurgeon’ who she believes was being paid by Epstein. 

Deidre Stratton worked at Zorro Ranch when she claims Andrew visited alone in 2001. Public records confirmed she was employed there.

It was after he and Epstein had been seen on a yacht with topless women in Thailand, and Epstein was not there but arranged for his royal friend to stay, she claimed. 

She says that during the visit, Andrew was kept company by an unnamed female doctor who she described as a ‘beautiful young neurosurgeon’. 

Prince Andrew is pictured leaving Buckingham Palace on Thursday after being stripped of his royal duties 

Stratton says she believes the woman may have been ‘on retainer’ from Epstein and that it was ‘her job’ to ‘entertain’ his guests but that she was only ‘guessing’. 

There is no suggestion that Andrew knew she was possibly on Epstein’s pay roll and Stratton said it was merely her belief that the woman was being paid and that she did not know it for a fact. 

‘At the time, Jeffrey had this, she supposedly was a neurosurgeon, quite young…beautiful, young and brilliant, and she stayed in the home with him. 

‘At one point we had all these different teas and you could pick the teas that you wanted and she asked me to find one that would make [Andrew] horny. 

Dozens of new photos and video give the most revealing insight yet into Jeffrey Epstein's notorious 'baby making Zorro Ranch' in the New Mexico desert

Dozens of new photos and video give the most revealing insight yet into Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘baby making Zorro Ranch’ in the New Mexico desert

Pictures from inside the main house show a 'party shower' for up to eight people with four shelves full of toiletries and oils

Pictures from inside the main house show a ‘party shower’ for up to eight people with four shelves full of toiletries and oils

‘I’m guessing she understood her job was to entertain him because I guess, the fear, I don’t know – the fear would be that Andrew would say, “no I didn’t really find her that attractive.” 

‘He would tell Jeffrey that and then she would be on the ropes,’ she said. 

Stratton added: ‘I’m guessing that, another theory is, that Jeffrey had her on retainer and she knew what her job would be, should be, to make these people happy.

 ‘I’m guessing she understood her job was to entertain him because I guess, the fear, I don’t know – the fear would be that Andrew would say, “no I didn’t really find her that attractive.”

Deidre Stratton, Epstein’s former housekeeper  

‘Sex was all they thought about. 

‘I mean, I know for sure that Jeffrey would ideally like three massages a day. Massages being in air quotes. I don’t see how his guests wouldn’t know that.’

She also gave an anecdote of the Duke insisting on making himself breakfast but burning his bacon and settling instead for ‘croissants and green tea’. 

‘At that time, he was very, very pleasant… I offered to come up and fix his breakfast and he said, “no I want to try.” 

‘When I got up there later to tidy up you could smell burnt bacon and he was like, “I didn’t do so well.”

‘He had like a croissant and green teas or something. I remember him trying to cook his own breakfast. Isn’t that cute? He couldn’t even fry bacon.’ 

Epstein died in August in jail

Epstein died in August in jail 

Stratton said Andrew stayed in a three bedroom lodge on the property and his bodyguard stayed in the main house. 

‘For him to just be out on his own, I am sure was very different for him

‘We all felt like well what do we do, we’re like fish out of water, do we curtsy to this man? We were told no because we were not British subjects,’ she said.  

She added that she ‘does not remember how he passed his time’ but that she does not recall him being ‘very sporty’. 

There is no suggestion that the woman Andrew allegedly spent time with was underage.

He has repeatedly denied having sex with Virginia Roberts, who claims she slept with him in London when she was 17 at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house. 

Maxwell also denies Roberts’ claims.  

Buckingham Palace did not offer any new statement specifically in response to the new allegation when contacted by on Thursday morning.

A spokesperson referred to Andrew’s past comments on Epstein instead.  

Andrew was this week stripped of his salary and stood down from royal duties following his disastrous BBC interview about his relationship with Epstein where he called the pedophile’s behavior ‘unbecoming’.  



What Andrew claims: Prince Andrew claimed in his disastrous BBC interview that he met Epstein through Ghislaine Maxwell in 1999. 

What others say: In a 2011 letter about his friendship with the pedophile, one of the Duke’s aides said they met in the early 1990s. The aide’s timeline corresponds with when Epstein and Maxwell met, following the death of her father in 1991. In a 2007 letter that was sent to prosecutors in Florida to try to lessen Epstein’s sentence for his first sex trafficking case, he was praised with helping her overcome her grief. 


Roberts, now known by her married name Virginia Giuffre, claims that in 2001, she had sex with the Duke when she was 17 inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s London townhouse. She says it was the first of three encounters; the others taking place in New York and on Epstein’s Caribbean island. 

To support her allegations, which she first shared in a 2011, she released a photograph 

What Andrew claims: He never had sex with Roberts and does not even remember ever meeting her. 

What others say: No one but Roberts has gone on the record to verify her claims about Andrew specifically but she is among a group of Epstein victims  now demanding apologies and answers from anyone who was associated with his lifestyle. Her ex-boyfriend from Tony Figueroa has said he knew of the photograph of them. 


In 2007, Epstein was charged with sexually trafficking minors in Florida. He negotiated a sweetheart deal for himself which involved pleading guilty in exchange for just one year of prison time, during which he was allowed to leave to go to work everyday. 

He was released in 2010 and Andrew then went to visit him in New York. The infamous Central Park photograph was taken during his trip. 

What Andrew claims: Andrew said in his BBC interview that he went to visit Epstein to end their friendship. 

‘I took the judgement call that because this was serious, and I felt that doing it over the telephone was the chicken’s way of doing it, I had to go and see him and talk to him,’ he said. He previously described the trip as ‘a mistake.’ 

What others say: In 2011, a Daily Beast article described a party which Epstein threw in the Duke’s honor during the trip. It listed Woody Allen and Katie Couric among guests. Literary agent Max Brockman also described seeing Andrew receiving a foot massage from a Russian woman inside Epstein’s home during the trip. 

He claimed, in an email, that Andrew complained about the treatment he received publicly, saying: ‘In Monaco, Albert works 12 hours a day but at 9pm, when he goes out, he does whatever he wants, and nobody cares. But, if I do it, I’m in big trouble.’ 


Andrew said nothing of Epstein’s arrest in July at the time. It was only until after he had killed himself and questions had resurfaced about the Duke’s friendship with him that he issued a statement. In it he said he knew nothing of the allegations against him and that he sympathized with the victims. 

What Andrew says: Andrew said he saw Ghislaine Maxwell ‘this year’ but that they did not discuss Epstein’s case and that it ‘wasn’t in the news’ at the time. He said he had no knowledge of the allegations against his friend.

What others say: Prosecutors started looking into Epstein’s sweetheart deal with Alex Acosta as far back as February.