Pro-Kremlin British filmmaker accused of ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine is former sex blogger

Pro-Kremlin British filmmaker accused of ‘committing war crimes’ in Ukraine is an ex-sex blogger who appeared on the BBC to brag about using prostitutes

  • Graham Phillips is a former sex blogger who bragged about using prostitutes
  • The British Putin lackey could be stripped of his passport for alleged war crimes
  • His interview with captive Aiden Aslin broke the Geneva Convention, MP claims
  • Phillips boasted about ‘angel-like’ prostitute in bizarre 2014 BBC radio episode

A British pro-Kremlin stooge accused of potential war crimes in Ukraine is a former sex blogger who even appeared on the BBC to brag about using prostitutes.

Graham Phillips, 43, is facing the threat of prosecution or being stripped of his British passport for conducting a menacing interview with battered captive Aiden Aslin.

Mr Aslin, a Briton who served with Ukrainian forces, endured a 45-minute encounter with Phillips, who taunted him about potentially facing the death penalty under the laws of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’.

Kremlin stooge Graham Phillips conducted a menacing interview with Brit captive Aiden Aslin

The interview had stayed on YouTube, despite a complaint in the Commons by Robert Jenrick, Mr Aslins’s MP, that it is likely to be a violation of the Geneva Conventions. 

But last night YouTube removed it.

It is only the latest cruel interview with PoWs that Phillips has undertaken for his Russian masters, who convinced him he was an ‘independent’ journalist.

In his blog A Brit in Ukraine, Phillips, who has roots in Nottingham, reveals his main previous interest was sex. 

Among articles written around 2014 are The Beautiful Girls of Ukraine (#1) and Ukrainian Girls are Smokin’. 

He also appeared in a 2014 BBC radio documentary in which he gleefully told of his encounter with an ‘angel-like’ prostitute.