Pro-Palestinian protester heckles Jill Biden: First Lady stunned as demonstrator stands up and asks why her and husband Joe are still supporting ‘genocide’ in Gaza

A pro-Palestinian protester heckled Jill Biden during a campaign stop in Arizona over the weekend, demanding to know why she and President Joe Biden are supporting ‘genocide’ in Gaza.

‘It’s a genocide, Jill!’ yelled one demonstrator. 

‘You and your husband support the genocide of the Palestinian people!’ another shouted.

President Biden has been heckled repeatedly at various events but this is the first time Jill Biden, at one of her solo events, has been targeted.

Jill Biden was targeted by pro-Palestine protesters during her speech in Arizona

In a counter protest, audience members began booing and then shouted: ‘Four more years.’ Some audience members shushed the protesters, who were eventually led out.

Jill Biden thanked the supporters and continued with her speech. She was interrupted a total of four times but kept going back to her remarks.

The interruptions came while the first lady was on the second stop of Women for Biden tour.

She has ramped up her campaign activity in the past month as she makes the case for her husband to get a second term in the White House. Her tour’s focus has been on women’s rights and she has targeted Donald Trump in her remarks, saying he is ‘dangerous’ to women.

Her event was interrupted by four pro-Palestine demonstrators within the first 20 minutes of her speech. Almost 100 protesters were gathered outside of the venue, as well.

Polls show young voters in particular are unhappy with President Biden’s handling of the war between Israel and Hamas. 

A protester targeted Jill Biden and the administration's support of Israel

A protester targeted Jill Biden and the administration’s support of Israel

At least 576,000 people in the Gaza Strip – one quarter of its population – are one step away from famine, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. And more than 30,400 people have died.

The Biden administration faces growing pressure at home and abroad to do more to rein in Israel and to help the suffering Palestinian population.

The president has been a frequent target of demonstrators. One campaign speech in Virginia, attended by him, Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff, was interrupted by protesters more than 15 times. 

He is often called ‘Genocide Joe’ as demonstrators heckle him for standing with Israel and Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu as they pursue their war in Gaza after the October 7th terrorist attacks organized by Hamas.

The White House is trying to counter the protesters.

The president’s campaign and security teams are making Biden’s events smaller, keeping exact details from the media until the last minute, and avoiding college campuses, according to NBC News.

College students are among the most vocal protesters.