Pros and Cons of Online Communication

Information technologies have made a breakthrough in the communication area. With the advent of the Internet, computers, and portable gadgets, it has become even more convenient for the world to keep old contacts and start new ones. Moreover, people are social individuals who need communication every day for any reason.

Digital communicational tools are helpful in working processes when running a business and in private life when interacting with family, friends, and partners. The variety of online platforms and applications easily installed in the phone allows people to leverage them and find out practically only positive moments. Let’s look through the pros of online communication.


Global gathering. Before the Internet was established, other countries seemed to be so far and inaccessible to reach. If someone were willing to travel to another country and see beautiful places there, they would have saved much money to get there and enjoy it. The same thing happens when you have relatives living on the other side of the planet, and you can’t see them for a long time. But with Internet technologies, this gap is overcome.

Now, every person is online present and has at least one social media account created. The Internet has helped to gather the entire world into one digital community. So now, we have an opportunity to keep in communication with loved ones wherever they can live and see the pictures they post on social platforms.

Building your private life. Before the technological growth, we could meet new people in some friends gatherings, at business meetings, cafes, churches, or walking on the streets or parks. But online communication has brought easiness and convenience in meeting new people and life partners.

Different chat rooms and dating websites help find the perfect match or just enjoy communication with amazing people. We all are equal when using social media tools. No matter what sexual orientation you are, you have a right to build your private life as you want.

There are many dating websites where you can find your loved one. For example, if you have special feelings for gays, then you can try your luck and start a gay chat to fulfill your desires.

Availability and speed. Thanks to online communication, you don’t have to wait for a certain time to send a message or put through a call. All your contacts are available, and every action you do takes seconds to deliver you to a destination you want.

Business opportunities. Having gadgets and an Internet connection, you have almost everything to start a business deal. In addition, when cooperating with clients overseas, online communication enables you to contact them and solve the issues that may occur.


There is nothing perfect in this world, and we are not perfect. The same feature concerns online communication when we talk about its cons.

Low level of privacy. Online communication has many advantages in use like convenience, quickness, easiness. But when it comes to privacy, some issues occur regularly. They can be phone number interception, email hacking, and others. Such problems can lead you to think about the security of your sensitive data.

Pressuring influencers. Although Internet has gathered the entire world into digital communication, some cultures began pressuring others. For instance, youngsters in western countries have affected most youngsters from other countries due to their behavior, dress, and actions.

Scamming. The large audience available in online communication platforms can turn some interactions into a bad experience. On the one hand, you can easily make new contacts by keeping chat only. On the other hand, such a type of chatting can be dangerous as you can’t know the person’s motives behind the screen. Such people use this medium to manipulate others and hit up for money. Be sure you are keeping healthy communication with honest people.

Issues with Internet access. You are able to communicate online only when there is an Internet connection. Otherwise, you are cut off from the world. It is supposed to be the main disadvantage that makes you unable to keep online communication. However, even if it happens not so often, you should keep it in mind.

The pros and cons of online communication can be determined due to the purposes you follow. Therefore, be watchful and stick to healthy online communication, and you will find only positive sides of it.