Pallets are of different types, but the most popular of all the types of pallets are wooden pallets. They can be easily purchased from wooden pallet local manufacturers. They often differ in measurement, and they can be used for many things. Although they have many benefits, you need to consider certain characteristics of wooden pallets before opting for them. Here are some of the pros and cons of using wooden pallets:


They Are Less Expensive

It has been reported that wooden pallets are considerably cheaper than the other types of pallets. They are made from wood, unlike the other types that are made from plastic and metals. Since it is easier and cheaper to get wood than it is to get the other raw materials needed for the other kinds of pallets, the cost of manufacturing wooden pallets is more affordable than the others.

They Last Longer

Despite their lower price, they are still very durable and strong. Unlike metal pallets that may be subject to rust, wooden pallets are not, thereby making it possible for them to last longer than the other kinds of pallets. When pallets are to be used for shipping or transporting materials, the pallets need to be strong enough to withstand the materials to be carried. Wooden pallets are built to be very heavy, making it possible for the pallets to carry different materials.

They Can Be Easily Gotten

Manufacturing wooden pallets are quite easy compared to the other types of pallets. The plastic and metals needed to manufacture the pallets have to be initially produced for plastic and metal pallets. On the other, there is already a ready-made source for wooden pallets. The wood for wooden pallets is gotten from trees. Although there is a concern for deforestation, environmental conscious pallet manufacturers have developed a sustainable way to get wood from trees. The easy access to the source of the raw materials used in manufacturing wooden pallets has a wider availability than the other types of pallets.

They Can Be Easily Fixed

When metal pallets rust, they become nearly useless and are usually displaced. The same happens when plastic pallets are damaged. For these kinds of pallets, it is better to get new pallets than fixed damaged pallets. Nevertheless, for wooden pallets, there is a chance to fix any damage. The common issues with wooden pallets include weakening of the damage, mold formation, or out of place wood. All these can be easily fixed by hammering the wood together to keep it firm or simply adding extra wood material for strength. There are also simple mold removal processes that can be adopted. Put merely; wooden pallets are easier to fix than other types of pallets.

They Are Reusable

Regardless of what the wooden pallets were originally built for, they can be easily converted to suit a different need. For instance, a wooden pallet manufactured to be a table can be easily converted to a bookshelf without any extra expenses. Usually, this is hardly possible with the other kinds of pallets. A plastic pallet can not take a new shape without having to melt it down and remind it. Hence it can only be used for what purpose it was made.


They Are Susceptible To Attack From Microorganisms

Wood is susceptible to attacks from termites as well as other microorganisms. Termites eat into the wood and weaken the structure. Since wood is the raw material used in making wooden pallets, wooden pallets are therefore also susceptible to termites. Additionally, when the wood is exposed to water, it tends to harbor mold-forming microorganisms. Once the wood starts to get wet, the integrity of the wooden pallet is compromised.

They Hold Stains

Some types of wood tend to stain easily. Once they stain, it becomes hard to remove the stain. This may affect the aesthetic beauty of the wooden pallet. However, the stain can be covered by spraying paint on the wooden pallet. Although painting covers the stains, it accounts for extra expenses.

Taking all these into consideration, wooden pallets are possibly the best kind of pallets. However, it is vital to purchase high-grade products from reputable pallet manufacturers. If not, a person may be saddled with more cons than pros since the pallet’s quality will be substandard, and that in itself is a problem.