Pros of Using A Xenon Flash Lamp Over LED

In recent years, hundreds of people have been left in limbo over whether to go to use xenon flash lamps or stick to LED lamps. The truth of the matter is that they both have their pros and cons, and it just depends on what you want to achieve or rather what you are comfortable with. Some people would prefer LED lamps because they find them convenient to use and easy to operate, while others would rather go for the efficiency of a xenon flash lamp. Still, debating which one would be best suited for you? Here are some of the pros of using a xenon flash lamp that might just help you make up your mind.

More Brightness

What would be the point of getting a source of light if it isn’t even bright enough? Although LED lamps have become better and better over recent years due to technological advancements, xenon flash lamps are still on top when it comes to brightness. This is owed to how they are built and how good they convert electric energy to light energy. If brightness is what you are looking for, there isn’t a doubt about what you should be going for.


Despite being relatively cheaper in the long run due to their low power consumption, LED lamps tend to be very expensive compared to xenon flash lamps, which come at very low and affordable prices. This is especially suitable if you don’t plan on using it much often because that way you won’t have to worry about its power consumption. It makes perfect economic sense.


As a result of their high manufacturing costs, LEDs tend to be very difficult to find, and if you are looking to buy just one, you may be in for quite the treasure hunt. On the other hand, Xenon flash lamps can be found almost everywhere and are available in the market.

Better Color Rendering

If there is one particular area that xenon flash lamps have outdone LEDs, it is color rendering. It is widely known that LEDs tend to have inferior color rendering, which makes them almost unusable in situations where detailed color rendering is needed. Xenon flash lamps, on the other hand, produce light, almost similar to natural sunlight, which has a better color rendering. If you’re going for detailed color rendering, a xenon flash lamp makes it a no brainer.


When it comes to efficiency, both LEDs and xenon flash lamps have almost similar energy efficiency, but the xenon lamp edges the LEDs. With xenon flash lamps, you can practically save energy by up to 50%.

With all the pros that the xenon lamp has over the LEDs listed above, it is up to you to determine which one you feel works for you better. Although it is important to note that the intended application is always worth considering because there are some areas where an LED will serve you better.