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Proven Tips to Help Build Your First Website

E-commerce has fast grown and taken roots in various economic sectors globally. Small business in different geographical locations is now forced to try their luck both online and offline. To do anything online, one needs to create a functional website that they could use to reach out to their potential customers. For a new business website, you need the best eCommerce website development company to create a functional site you can depend on to carry about your online activities. Starting this entire project can be very hectic especially without the right guidance from an expert. Below are a few tips you can use to successfully build your first website.

Be Objective

Every existing website is unique and different because they are all made to serve diverse purposes. The success of your site is all dependent on your objective as to why you created the site. Your goal can be either to create an informative site or an e-commerce site where buying and selling are done. Your website has to be goal-oriented or else you may find yourself wasting both your time and resources. You can hire the best eCommerce website development company to assist you.

Create New and Interesting Content

Content is king for any blog or website today. Most professionals would advise new web owners to create their unique content even if they hire writers for their websites. Having set the objective you need to attain, only you know what message needs to be passed to your audience. Make your content catchy to the eye of the reader while keeping it meaningful and informative at the same time. Search engines tend to reward web owners who focus on creating meaningful and helpful content for search engine users.

Technically, your web page content should be timeless because it will be accessed by people from different time zones. Try to avoid statements that suggest a particular time, example, yesterday. Always add contact information to help people who are interested in following up some of the web page content or for business reasons.

Page Hierarchy is Essential

Depending on your design, a website should have a few pages depicting different information regarding your business. Some people prefer to have simple page hierarchy on their websites making it easy for search engine users to navigate and find information easily on the website. Decide on how the page outlay should be before hiring a web developer. You can, for instance, have a home page, contact us page and another page describing briefly what your business is about.

Own the Domain Name

It is recommended that you include your business name in the domain name. The link or URL belonging to your site should be informative to a new visitor. There are various ways how you could incorporate your business name into your domain name depending on where you purchased the domain name from. Choose a URL that can easily be remembered by your clients for instance

Fast Loading Time for Web Pages

You may want to ensure that all your web pages load faster to your client’s gadget, regardless of whether their connection is by a personal computer or a mobile that has low bandwidth. People want to surf the internet as much as possible and do not have to wait for a single page to load. It is even worse when the patient readers encounter a timeout. They simply become frustrated and exit your website.

Provide Simple Navigation

No one likes difficult tasks that go round without any results. Readers online want simple and easy to use navigation that will help them quickly access the contents of your website. Help them move around without any difficulties.

Your Pages Should Be Brief and Detailed

The length of a web page is primarily dependent on the content details. But since most readers online skim the content, you must take care to include only valuable details. Try to make this content engaging to keep them interested. Everything should be spelled correctly.

Ensure Your Links are Working

Links on a website are important for connecting different parts or ideas. You should always test your links on different browsers and their other versions. Keep checking and testing them to ensure no single link is broken. Think of a way that will compel readers to click on a link, either by embedding a link on an important statement or using image links.

Get Creative with Your Graphics

Readers are instantly attracted to graphics over text. Occasionally drop in an informational graphic like a pie-chart.  Images should be small in size to reduce the loading time. You can always add the color element but be careful not to overdo it.

Finding the perfect expert for the job can be very hectic especially when you are new to the scene. Consult with your inner circle for recommendations while you search the internet for the best web design firm. Remember consulting with other web owners can help you get more information on what exactly you need to do to be successful, good luck.

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