Pubs reopen, beauty salons back in business and travel allowed: restrictions lifted in Australia

The federal government has announced a three-phase plan to ease coronavirus restrictions in the coming months, with the states and territories to determine their own timings.


NSW – What you can do now:

 * Pubs, restaurants and cafes up to 50 people subject to the four-square metre rule, patrons must be seated

* Weddings up to 20 guests and funerals up to 50

* Churches and places of worship up to 50 people

* Beauty salons for 10 people subject to the four square metre rule, magazines removed from waiting areas 

• Museums, galleries, zoos, aquariums and libraries reopen, subject to four square metre rule 

* Travel within the state allowed   

* Outdoor gatherings allowed for a maximum of 10 people 

* Public schools are open but commuter caps remain on Sydney buses, trains and ferries. 

* Playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment use with caution 

 * Beaches open with restrictions including Bondi, Clovelly, Coogee and Maroubra, as well as some ocean pools

VICTORIA – what you can do now

* 20 people allowed inside restaurants, cafes, the dining areas of pubs and in the home subject to physical distancing 

• Zoos, galleries, museums, national institutions, historic sites, outdoor amusement parks, arcades, libraries and community facilities can open for 20 people maximum, subject to four square metre rule 

• Beauty therapy, spas, tattoo studios, massage parlours to reopen for 20 people subject to the four square metre rule

• Market stalls to re-open subject to four square metre and distancing rules

• Drive-in cinemas to reopen 

• Place of worship: up to 20 people

• Weddings up to 20 people not including the celebrant and couple

• Funerals up to 50 people not including staff, subject to four square metre rule

*  Overnight stays in hotels, motels, camping and caravan parks

• Skate parks and playgrounds reopen  

* Schools open June 9 with a staggered return for students starting with students in Prep and Years 1, 2, 11 and 12 on May 26.

* Year 11 and 12 students will sit exams from November 9 to December 2. 

* Indoor and outdoor swimming pools for 20 people with a limit of three people per lane

* Outdoor group sport for 20 people

* AFL begins on June 11 


* 50  people allowed inside restaurants, cinemas, concert venues, theatres, cafes and pubs subject to 1.5m distance rule

 * Alpine resorts open to skiers 

• Indoor sports centres and venues up to 20 people subject to the four square metre rule, group activities limited to 10 people

• Gyms reopen with up to 20 people per space, subject to four square metre rule and up to 10 people per group 

• Galleries, museums, national institutions, historic sites, outdoor amusement parks, zoos and arcades allowed up to 50 visitors

* Up to 100 people to be allowed in enclosed spaces in mid-July


What you can do now: 

* Unlimited travel within the state including overnight stays 

* Indoor gyms reopen and from Friday June 5 can have up to 20 people 

* Restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs can open for up to 20 people. From June 5, large venues can host up to 20 people in each separate area

* Shopping for non-essential items 

* Public school students in grades 2 to 10 have resumed full-time classes with no commuter caps on public transport  

• Some beauty therapies including nail salons for up to 10 people 

• Libraries, playgrounds, skate parks, outdoor gyms, open homes and auctions open for up to 10 people

• Weddings up to 10 people

• Funerals up to 20 people indoors, 30 outdoors 

• Public pools and lagoons up to 10 people and with an approved plan for more than 10 people

• Non-contact sport for up to 10 people 

Queensland – what you can do from June 12: 

* Subject to the four square metre rule and social distancing, up to 20 people will be allowed to gather indoors and outdoors 

* Museums, art galleries, libraries, historic sites, outdoor amusement parks, zoos, arcades, concert venues, theatres, arenas and stadiums up to 20 people 

* Non-contact indoor and outdoor community sport, personal training sessions, parks, gyms, health clubs, skate parks and yoga studies can all have up to 20 people 

* Weddings, places of worship and religious ceremonies up to 20 people

* Hiking, camping and other recreational activities 

* Open homes and auctions up to 20 people

* State borders remain closed  


What you can do now 

 * Stage two easing of restrictions began June 1 allowing more customers to be served and cinemas to reopen

* Large venues can host up to 80 people in groups of 20 provided they can keep the groups in discrete rooms within the business 

* Pubs allowed to serve drinks without a meal but customer must be seated 

* Gyms, indoor fitness centres, cinemas, galleries, museums and theatres can open with a maximum of 20 people

 • Beauty salons, tattoo and massage parlours can re-open subject to four square metre rule

 * Funerals of up to 20 people indoors and 30 people outdoors plus those officiating

* Parks, playgrounds and national parks are open with hotels, camp sites and caravan parks open subject to the four square metre rule 

* Driving lessons allowed, subject to social distancing

* Students are already back in school full time

* Non-contact sport can resume but contact sports must wait till June 25 


What you can do now: Phase Two (began May 18) 

* Cafes, restaurants and meal service inside pubs, bars, clubs, can serve up to 20 customers

* Indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 20 people

* Weddings and funerals of up to 20 guests indoors or 30 outdoors 

* Students are already back in school full time.

* Fitness classes, pools, non-contact sport allowed up to 20 people

* Churches, religious houses, libraries and community centres up to 20 people

WA – What you can do coming soon: 

* June 6: four square metre rule relaxed to two square metres for both indoor and outdoor venues 

* Gyms and real estate auctions resume, beauty salons, arcades, galleries, museums, cinemas, zoos, food courts, playgrounds and wildlife and amusement parks to open. 

*  Public gathering limits raised to 100, including for cafes, pubs and restaurants. Venues with divided spaces can have up to 300  

* WA to reopen almost all intrastate borders on Friday June 5 except for the Kimberley, parts of the East Pilbara and the Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku to protect vulnerable indigenous communities 

* Further easing of restrictions expected on June 8

* State border remains closed


What you can do now: 

* Restaurants, cafes, food service inside pubs, clubs and RSL: up to 10 people

* Aged care home residents can now have two visitors once a day

* Funerals up to 20 people indoors, 30 outdoors

* Visitors to your home: up to 5 people

*  Libraries and government centres: up to 10 people

* Kindergarten to Year Six students and Years 11 and 12 are back in school with the remainder to return on June 9 

* TAFE and training centres open to small groups of students for practical learning and assessment

* Parks, playgrounds, pools and outdoor fitness equipment opened for up to 10 people. National parks open only those who live less than 30km away 

Tasmania – what you can do from June 15: Stage Two  

* Up to 20 people can gather indoors and outdoors including in restaurants, cinemas and museums

• Beauty parlours, tanning salons, tattoo studios can open 

• Gyms and bootcamps for up to 20 people

• Funerals of up to 50 people

• Open homes and auctions with up to 20 people

* Parks and outdoor fitness equipment for up to 20 people  

• Outdoor community sports for up to 20 people

• Indoor sports including pools  for up to 20 people but no spectators

• Intrastate travel restrictions lifted, hotels and caravan parks open, camping allowed

* State border remains closed

 What you can do in Tasmania from July 13: Stage Three

 * Aged care residents can have up to five visitors, multiple times each week

* Gatherings of between 50 and 100 people 

• Bars, nightclubs, casinos and gaming to open

• Markets and food courts to open

• State border remains closed


What you can do now: 

* The NT has relaxed restrictions on parks, golf, fishing and swimming.

* Indoor activities are allowed with a two-hour limit 

* Restaurants and bars can reopen to serve food with a two-hour limit, with entertainment venues to come.

* National parks are open for camping and swimming 

• Beauty salons, gyms, libraries and places of religious worship open 

 * Gatherings up to 10 people subject to social distancing  

• Shopping centre food courts can serve food

• Non-contact sports with indoor activities under a two-hour time limit

• Art galleries, museums, public memorials, public historic sites, zoos and wildlife facilities are open.

* Restricted access to indigenous communities remain in place until at least June 5

* Students are back at school full time

* Territory borders remain closed

NT – what you can do from midday, June 5:  

• The two-hour limit on indoor activities is removed

• Bars and clubs will be allowed to operate without food being compulsory,

• Cinemas and entertainment venues can open

• Team sports such as football and netball allowed 

• Sporting arenas and stadiums can open with seating in an approved configuration 

• All licensed gaming activities including TAB open

* Travel to restricted indigenous communities is possible after June 5 


What you can do now 

* Visit NSW for a holiday

* Large clubs allowed more than 150 people, with a limit of 20 in each room

* Outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people allowed. Restrictions on sport and recreation eased

* Weddings and funerals have a 20 guest limit inside, and 30 outside 

* Choirs, bands and orchestras can resume practice and national institutions can open to 20 people at a time

* Students in Years 3, 4 and 10 back in classrooms

* School Years 5, 6, 8 and 9 to return on June 2   


* Supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, public transport, most state schools, hairdressers, petrol stations, postal and freight services, bottle shops, newsagents, retail shops

 Source: AAP, wires. Correct as of 1 June 2020,