Queensland would be forced to prove COVID-19 dangers in High Court challenge


* Western Australia is going further than any other state in relaxing coronavirus rules, the government says, amid a mixed reaction to the state’s economic roadmap.

* Locals are encouraged to return to work and take regional holidays, and the limit is at 20 people, and hospitality businesses will be allowed to serve diners under phase two of WA’s recovery plan.

* The government has faced a backlash for not going further in unwinding restrictions as there are barely any cases in WA.

* Like restaurants and cafes, pubs are allowed to reopen but a limit of 20 patrons will apply as well as the one person per four square metres rule, and a requirement for customers to buy a meal if they want to have a drink.

* Weddings and funerals can have up to 20 people attend if it is held indoors while 30 people can attended if it is held outside. 

* Community facilities and libraries have reopened but public playgrounds, cinemas, skate parks, zoos, galleries and concert venues will remain closed.  

* Students will return to the classroom from May 29.

* Travel to most nearby regions is now allowed. 

* Hard border will remain indefinitely despite pressure from the rest of the country and federal medical advice.


* Parks and reserves have reopened. 

* Weddings, funerals can have an unlimited number of guests if social distancing can be maintained.

* Playgrounds, parks and public swimming pools re-opened. 

* Gyms, nail salons, and any other businesses have re-opened so long as their activities take less than two hours 

* Outdoor sports where people can be physically distant, such as golf and tennis, are allowed.

* Pubs, cafes and restaurants opened on May 15. People are allowed in for two hours.

* From June 5, all business will be allowed to re-open as long as they have a COVID-19 plan in place. 

* All NT students are expected to physically attend school as of April 20.

* Internal travel is now allowed including to remote Aboriginal communities, but some remote areas are close to all non-essential travel until June 5.

* Dropping the border quarantine will be ‘dead last’. 


* Restaurants, pubs and clubs, nail salons and so on can have up to 20 patrons at a time. 

* Parks, playgrounds, skateparks are open 

* Up to 10 people can attended a wedding and funerals can have up to 20 guest inside and 30 if outside.  

* Up to five members from a single household can visit another home, and 10 people can meet in public 

* All students are back at school as of May 25.  

* Family picnics and weekend drives allowed, national parks will reopen and people can shop for clothing and shoes, and go for haircuts

* You can let your dog off the leash as 131 dog parks will gradually reopen

* Citizens can take day trips up to 150km of their homes, and social distancing will still be enforced.

* People from the same household can go out together, while those who live alone can spend time with one other person.

* Border quarantine will continue until September but the state is under pressure to drop this much sooner.


* Up to 20 people indoors at a party or gathering as of June 1.

* Up to 10 people can attended a wedding and funerals can have up to 20 guest inside and 30 if outside. 

* The premier’s beloved game of golf, walking groups, fishing and hiking are among the outdoor activities allowed again.

* Cafes, restaurants and pubs can seat diners until June 1, unlike most other states.

* Libraries, community centres, markets, beauty parlours and tattoo studios open on June 1 as do museums, drive-in cinemas, zoos and theme parks.

* Gyms, indoor sports facilities, movie theatres can reopen from June 22 if all goes to plan allowing ski season to kick off

* Holidays and staying at friend’s place overnight are also banned until June 1 when accommodation will re-open.

* There are no restrictions on leaving or entering the state, but people can only go on day trips.  

* Professional sport teams including AFL and rugby league are back to training ahead of resuming the season in late May.

* Students from prep, year one, year two, and years 11 and 12 are allowed to attend school.  

* The remaining levels will return on June 9.  


* Gatherings of five people inside and 10 in public are allowed.

* Residents can visit national parks within 30km of their home.

* The state’s ban on aged care visits was eased, but no more than two visitors are allowed once a week. 

* Restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, pools and boot camps re-opened for up to 10 people at a time. 

* Up to 20 people will be allowed at cinemas, museums, theatres and historic sites as of June 15. 

* Gyms, sporting venues, health clubs and wellness centres are all prohibited.  

* Hairdressers and barbers are open but day spas, saunas and massage parlours are not allowed to operate. 

* Beauty therapy, tanning, nail treatment services and piercing and tattoo parlours are still closed.  

* Weddings can have up to 10 guest and funerals can have up to 20 guests indoors and 30 outdoors. 

* Students in kindergarten-year 6 and those in Year 11 and 12 have returned to school. 

* Student in years 7 to 10 will return on June 9.  

* There are no limits on where someone can go within the state.  

* Border restrictions, however, are still expected to be in place when stage three of the plan begins in mid-July.


* Cafes, pubs and restaurants are open but may only seat 10 people at a time.  

* Gatherings of five people at home and 10 outside are allowed

* The state government is encouraging shops to re-open with social distancing in place

* All students went back to school full-time on May 25.  

* Most businesses will be allowed to reopen on June 1, with social distancing rules and customer limits.

* Zoos, reptile parks and aquariums open June 1. 

* Weddings can have 10 guests, funerals 20 inside and 30 outside, and churches 10.

* Gyms, sporting venues, health clubs, wellness centres and indoor pools are all prohibited. 

* Entertainment and amusement venues remain closed.  


* Cafes and restaurants re-opened from May 11 and can seat 10 people inside and another 10 outside at a time. Pubs are shut until June 5.

* Hairdressers and barbers can open as long as the number of people inside does not exceed one person per four square metres.  

* Ten people can gather at home or in public.

* Weddings can have up to 10 guests and funerals have a 20 guest limit inside, and 30 outside.

* House auctions and inspections and non-contact sport has resumed and libraries, pools, churches and community halls reopened.

* Schools have re-opened for term 2.  

* Border is still quarantined indefinitely.


* Gatherings of 10 people are allowed.

* Students in preschool, kindergarten, and years 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11 and 12 have returned to school. 

* From June 2, students in years 5, 6, 8, and 9 will be allowed to return.  

* Weddings can have up to 10 guests and funerals have a 20 guest limit inside, and 30 outside

* Gyms will remain closed but up to 10 people can take part in non-contact personal fitness training. 

* Hairdressers and barbers can open but other beauty therapy business will open on May 30. 

* Restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues can open and host up to 10 patrons at a time.  

* Some public libraries have re-opened but people can not sit or study inside. 

* Cinemas and other entertainment venues will remain closed. 

* Galleries, museums, outdoor attractions will re-open on May 30 to groups of up to 20 people per designated session.  

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