Questions To Ask Before Signing Your Car Insurance Policy

Are you also flipping through various motor insurance quotations from different car insurance companies? Do you also want to ensure that you pay only for the policy that is within your budget and caters to all your needs?

Then have a quick look at some of the important questions you should be asking your insurer before purchasing a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy or at the time of car insurance renewal

  1. What is the Cost of Car Insurance Premium?

What is the premium amount you are supposed to pay? Merely searching for cheapest car insurance online won’t suffice. When deciding on your car insurance policy, the first thing you need to question is the annual cost of the premium.

Usually, the car insurance premium is calculated on the basis of certain factors such as car make and model, if it’s a new or second-hand vehicle, the size of the engine, driver’s age and the miles driven. So, you must consider it before moving ahead.

  1. Do I Get an Agency Repair?

It is the repair service provided by a garage or a workshop, which has been certified by your insurer to repair your vehicle in case of accidental damage. It is one of the most reliable and often cost-saving options when insuring a vehicle.

Not all insurance providers offer agency repair, but you can opt for it by paying an extra amount.

Whether the insured vehicle will be repaired at the car’s manufacturer workshop, it depends on the policy you have chosen. It will be provided if you have opted for agency repair cover.

If you have selected non-agency repair, then your car will be fixed in other garages that are accredited by your insurance provider.

  1. Does it Provide Coverage in other cities?

If you are a frequent traveler to other cities, then you must check if the coverage is extendible to other regions.

Check the geographical coverage if you drive too much outside your city of coverage. If it is not covered by your policy, you can include it in your car insurance policy for an additional cost.

  1. Will I Get Roadside Assistance?

It is exactly what the name implies – an emergency roadside assistance service provided by the insurer that too round the clock.

Having roadside assistance proves to be handy in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road. It is usually covered in a comprehensive car insurance policy.  If not, you can get it added to your policy at an additional cost. You can buy reliance car insurance policy as their roadside assistance is trusted by most of the customers.

  1. Do I Get a Car Rental Service?

A lot of people tend to miss it. It may not seem irrelevant at first, but actually, it can save you running from pillar to post. When your vehicle is in a workshop for repair due to accidental damage, a replacement car will be given to you to get you around the town.

  1. How Can I get No-Claim Discount Report?

What is the purpose of the NCD report? It is proof of the no-claim bonus that you are entitled to get for your good driving record. It is a reward that you deserve for all the claim-free years and safe-driving skills that you possess.

You can easily get your NCD report by requesting it from your previous insurer. At the time of policy renewal or switching your insurance provider, you can present it to the new insurer to maintain your records.

  1. Do You Offer Any Discounts?

The insurance company assesses your driving history and customer profile before sharing the final car insurance quotation with you.  It is the perfect time to ask for a discount on your car insurance. Most of the insurers offer a discount at the time of car insurance renewal.

You are already eligible for a discount if you have taken a driving course or own a car with low mileage or. It will certainly result in lowering your car insurance premium.

  1. Should You Accept A Vehicle Insurance Offer From The Car Dealer?

If you are buying car insurance, it may seem to be an easy option but the ones that are offered by car dealerships can be overpriced.  While purchasing your car from the local dealership, they might offer a vehicle insurance policy along with your car. It is suggested that you buy car insurance from a reputed insurance provider such as Bharti AXA Car Insurance, Tata AIG Car Insurance etc.

If you have decided to go ahead with the same ensure that you ask the questions that are mentioned above – to know about the major benefits and if you are getting value for money. It is recommended that you skim through various options and zero down on the best one.

In a nutshell

If you know precisely what you need, then buying car insurance in India is a simple task. The right way to do it is by asking relevant questions from your car insurance provider or agent while speaking to them over the phone, doing online chat or in a face-to-face meeting.