Questions you should ask to your pet-sitter

Are you planning a trip and worried about your pets because you need to leave them at home? There are a lot of ways by which you can be helped by someone. You can board your puppy at a boarding place or veterinarian’s workplace, you may ask your circle of relatives or pals to look at your pets or you may lease a puppy-sitter.

Because many people don’t just like the concept of boarding pets and relatives aren’t usually  available for help and many do not like to take care of a puppy. In such situations taking help from pet care services is one of the best options for your pet’s care as well as for your tension free travel.

Depending on the puppy-sitter you lease, they will watch your pets at their place or at yours. Some pet care services provide greater offerings like watering plants, getting the mail, or lengthy walks and stomach rubs on your furry-friend.

This might also additionally sound smooth and ideal, however for it to work properly, you need to be cautious whom you are selecting for this activity. This is your fur infant you’re leaving with this person, after all. Not all puppy-sitters meet the qualifications you are searching for, or have the right judgment required to address any problems that might rise up at the same time as you’re gone.

So, before you make your decision of hiring a pet-sitter, it will be good to ask a few questions to him. Obviously, asking about the charges is the foremost question that you are going to ask, along with this, you need to be very sure that the specified service is best for your pet.So, below we have provided a list of some of the important questions that you should ask to your pet-sitter.

What is the one thing that you love about being a pet-sitter and are there things which you hate about this job? 

You may find two types of people in this profession, the one who truly love their job as they like to take care of animals and love to spend their time with them and the second ones are those who choose this job because they are not getting any other type of work to manage their expenses and earning. Well taking care of pets is not a task that is done by professionals only because it does not require any specifications and skills. But you need to rethink it. Hiring one who truly loves to spend time with pets will be beneficial because he or she will dote on your pet for the complete day. On the other hand, one who does not enjoy this job will take money from you and watch TV by ignoring all the other activities and responsibilities assigned to him. The main point is you will not be there to check, so hire the person smartly.

By asking the pet sitter about what he or she likes and hates about his or her job will give you an insight and then you can make your decision which is beneficial for you as well as for your puppy.

Can you offer references? 

This is one of the most preferred and well tested options to select the best pet care services for your pets. This way you can accurately measure the qualities of a pet sitter. Ideally, you’ll need references from different puppy proprietors who’ve used their offerings a few months or a day ago. .

By asking them about the list you just need to call and talk to a few pet owners about their experiences when they have hired the particular puppy-sitter. Ask them how they feel after taking the specific service, were they satisfied or not with the services? For how many days they have hired a pet-sitter? Are they planning to hire them again? Is their pet found healthy and happy? By this inquiry, you will attain much satisfaction that you are hiring the correct person for this work.

Ask about insurance and bonds? 

Bond and insurance for any pet sitter is a must because hiring one for taking care of your pets consist of some risk and for any mishap can increase your expenses and you will never want this thing. What this indicates is, they provide their personal type of coverage that covers assets and pets of their care at their domestic, at yours and in transit.

If you are hiring a puppy-sitter with a well known pet care service provider then you will surely get employees with proper insurance coverage. This thing is somewhere missing when you are hiring an independent pet sitter, so make sure to cross-check the bond and insurance.

How would you manage an emergency with a pet? 

What will happen at the time when you are not at home and your pet feels sick or runs away? It’s vital for your puppy-sitter to have a basic understanding and training of the emergency process you’ve set up simply for the situation if something bad happens.

In general, for pet sitters also, it is important to know certain steps of what they are doing and what they should do if they recognize a pet with some health issues during their job. If you are using a particular veterinarian, you’ll need to ensure that your puppy-sitter has their workplace records and contact information. If you’ve got coverage for your puppy, make sure the pet-sitter whom you are hiring is aware of this information.

What are the services you are offering in this package and what would be the extra cost for extra services? 

Make sure that when you hire a pet-sitter there is no confusion related to service and other charges. Ask and note down everything in detail. Most of the time it is seen that there are three different types of rates that are hourly, daily, and nightly rates.

Now-a-days you can free;y ask your pet care service provider about extra services and surely you will need to pay some extra amount for that. As we discussed in this blog, there are a lot of pet-sitters who perform extra tasks such as watering your plants, feeding the dog, taking your pet for a walk, and they also provide you a service of basic cleaning if you are leaving your for more days.

You as well as your pet-sitter must discuss these things earlier. Make sure to fix a cost for this